January 2018
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Rain or Shine

This morning there is a twenty percent chance of rain. It will be nice to get some rain if we actually get it. On the other hand, a few clouds in the sky created a spectacular sunrise.

Sunrise in August

I have seen several nice sunsets and sunrises in the past few weeks. However, I have not been in the right place to get a photo. This morning, I thought I would take a picture of the sky with all its clouds and the sun trying to punch its way through a hole in the […]

Mt. San Gorgonio

Today we woke up early at Fish Creek Saddle so that we could get up to the top of Mt. San Gorgonio before ten. The sun was just starting to appear in the east.

We headed towards Mine Shaft Saddle were we met a volunteer that offered to take our picture. Then he offered […]

Philmont – Day 4 – Cimarroncito

We were up early today as we wanted to get moving before we had any rain. The sunrise was on the edge of the meadow and it was nice to see some blue sky. It had rained last night, sometimes a little heavy.

After getting a few things done, we went on a meadow […]

Mecca Hills Painted Canyon / Ladder Canyon Hike

Early this morning Jacob and myself made our way out to the desert. It is officially Jacobs eighteenth birthday and we were going to be hiking in the Mecca Hills. The Mecca Hills were formed by the convergence of the North American Plate and the Pacific Plate along the San Andreas Fault. It sounded like […]

A New Year

Every year is started with hopes of change or something new. I started my day with a little hike up the Two Trees trail. I have not been up this trail for a few months. I though back of my trips up this trail with Stevie the dog. She had a desire to climb the […]

Shorter days, longer night, and when is it going to get cooler?

I am getting a little weary of the continued heat. I am also weary of the electric bill as the hot days as well as the warm and humid nights wear on. The days are getting shorter and the nights longer. I just cannot wait for the weather to get cooler. At least the sky […]