February 2018
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Philmont – Day 1 – Base Camp

We arrived at Philmont Scout Ranch this morning and checked in. We met our Ranger, Chris from Texas. Our first task was to unpack the van and take our backpacks to the trail-bound tent area where we were assigned our tents. The young men did well as they learned the tasks they needed to accomplish […]

Philmont – More Journey

Today we got off to a good start down I-40 and headed to the Petrified Forest National Park. We started from the North side of the park and headed South. Our first stop was the Badlands and the Painted Desert Inn. There was a gentleman on vacation proudly wearing a t-shirt from a troop in […]

Philmont - The Journey Begins

This afternoon we gathered together the pack a minivan with backpacking gear so that we could make the trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.

Truth be told, I am writing this and the next several posts from my journal that I kept on the trek as well as the pictures that I […]

Operation On-Target - Mt. San Gorgonio

Today was the July Operation On-Target where scouts climb or drive to peaks and see if they can send mirror flashes from peak to peak. that the scouts do every year. The peak I usually climb to is Mt. San Gorgonio.

It was a great day for a hike to the top of San Gorgonio […]

Dry Lake

This weekend I had the opportunity to go on an overnight backpacking trip to Dry Lake with some youth. This was a first time backpacking trip for a couple of the youth. One of the challenges was three of the five young men weighing in at under 115 pounds. Dry Lake was dry and so […]

San Bernardino Trail

This afternoon a few of us took off for the mountains to hike in cooler weather. Out choice for the simple six plus mile hike was going to be the San Bernardino Trail in the Mt. San Gorgonio Wilderness. We arrived at the trailhead about 4:30 in the afternoon.

As we started up the […]

Hiking for Philmont

Tonight we started with one of our practice hikes for Philmont this summer. We all had backpacks on with some weight in them. We all moved uphill fairly quickly and made our return trip as the sun was setting.

Box Springs and the M

Today I went hiking in the Box Springs park area with the Venturing Crew. We started further away at a church building, hiked further up to the M on the mountain for Moreno Valley and then back. We took my traditional trails of Two Trees, Spring and Edison trails as well. Last weeks hike was […]

Jacob passes Eagle Scout Board of Review

Tonight Jacob passed his Eagle Scout Board of Review. I failed to get a picture of him in his uniform and did not remember until I was taking him home. He did well on with the Board of Review. As for getting there, we met a park this past Saturday so that he could finish […]

A Century of Honor

Tonight was the broadcast, “A Century of Honor” celebrating 100 years of Service to God and Country. It is the 100 year anniversary of Scouting in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The production was well done. It lasts about the same amount of time that a 5 mile hike does.


San Gorgonio - On Target

This weekend was the September Operation On Target for the Boy Scouts. Operation On Target, if you did not click on the link, is where scouts flash mirrors from peak to peak and communicate with HAM radios. Here is Southern California, we do it every third weekend in July and September.Yet again, we were going […]

San Gorgonio

For Operation On Target one must wake up early. To get to the tip of any peak, it requires a little time. We needed to be on the top of the mountain by ten. Operation On Target, if you did not click on the link, is where scouts flash mirrors from peak to peak and […]

Death Valley - Geocaching and Fun

Jacob and I started on a three day trip where we were going to meet up with his Venturing Crew on their way to Death Valley. We wanted to grab a few geocaches along the way as well. Inside the park, geocache containers are not allowed. However, there are “Virtual” geocaches as well as Earthcaches. […]

Flash - San Gorgonio to Hayden Peak

Today was Operation On Target, a BSA event where Varsity Scouts go to mountain tops to signal each other with mirrors. Early on we received a signal from Hayden Peak, some 180 miles away. We were in contact via HAM radios to verify that we saw their mirror flash a signal at us. It was […]

Mt. San Gorgonio

As the sun started to rise in the east, it was time to get up. In order to get to the top of Mt. San Gorgonio by 10 AM we needed to leave by 6:30 AM. A quick breakfast and we were on our way.

Within about a half mile we had a view […]