January 2018
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There was a balloon that went up and it came down. We went up the Whitewater Canyon to find it and came down without finding it.


Mt. San Gorgonio

Today we woke up early at Fish Creek Saddle so that we could get up to the top of Mt. San Gorgonio before ten. The sun was just starting to appear in the east.

We headed towards Mine Shaft Saddle were we met a volunteer that offered to take our picture. Then he offered […]

Operation On-Target - Mt. San Gorgonio

Today was the July Operation On-Target where scouts climb or drive to peaks and see if they can send mirror flashes from peak to peak. that the scouts do every year. The peak I usually climb to is Mt. San Gorgonio.

It was a great day for a hike to the top of San Gorgonio […]

Dry Lake

This weekend I had the opportunity to go on an overnight backpacking trip to Dry Lake with some youth. This was a first time backpacking trip for a couple of the youth. One of the challenges was three of the five young men weighing in at under 115 pounds. Dry Lake was dry and so […]

Dry Lake

Tonight I am at Dry Lake in the San Gorgonio Wilderness enjoying the great outdoors. I can tell you what Dry Lake does not look like. I went there at the end of May in 2011, and Dry Lake was full of water. From what I hear now, it is not more than a mud […]

Forsee Creek Trail

Today we hiked up the Forsee Creek Trail to Jackstraw Springs. There were several wildflowers blooming along the way. We tried to take pictures. However, the plant seems to always be in focus and the wildflower standing above the plant is out of focus. There always seems to be some type of challenge in life. […]

San Bernardino Trail

This afternoon a few of us took off for the mountains to hike in cooler weather. Out choice for the simple six plus mile hike was going to be the San Bernardino Trail in the Mt. San Gorgonio Wilderness. We arrived at the trailhead about 4:30 in the afternoon.

As we started up the […]

Hiking for Fall - Aspen Groves

Scott wanted to go hiking with me to the Aspen Groves again this year. We went last year the night before snow was to arrive. Today was the day as tomorrow night, snow is supposed to arrive. With snow comes wind and both tend to make fall leaves fall.

As we traveled up the highway […]

San Gorgonio - On Target

This weekend was the September Operation On Target for the Boy Scouts. Operation On Target, if you did not click on the link, is where scouts flash mirrors from peak to peak and communicate with HAM radios. Here is Southern California, we do it every third weekend in July and September.Yet again, we were going […]

San Gorgonio

For Operation On Target one must wake up early. To get to the tip of any peak, it requires a little time. We needed to be on the top of the mountain by ten. Operation On Target, if you did not click on the link, is where scouts flash mirrors from peak to peak and […]

Jackstraw Springs

A couple of days ago a friend told em he was hiking up to Jackstraw Springs today. I thought about going along and finally decided last night. The last and only time I was ever on the trail going to Jackstraw Springs was in 2011 during a training hike for an upcoming trip to Philmont […]

Why do I walk?

I like to get out and walk, hike up a mountain or backpack into a wilderness. Sometimes I wonder why. Sometimes it is looking up at the challenge that drives me to go to the top. It could be the walk from home to the top of Mt. Rubidoux.

Being on top or Mt. […]

Hiking for Fall - Aspen Groves

For several years now I have wanted to visit the Aspen Groves where quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) could be found in the San Gorgonio Wilderness. Should I say, for almost 20 years. Many years ago we visited the ranger station to get a day hike permit. There were no more permits for Aspen Grove so […]

Flash - San Gorgonio to Hayden Peak

Today was Operation On Target, a BSA event where Varsity Scouts go to mountain tops to signal each other with mirrors. Early on we received a signal from Hayden Peak, some 180 miles away. We were in contact via HAM radios to verify that we saw their mirror flash a signal at us. It was […]

Fish Creek Saddle

This afternoon I left for the Fish Creek trail head in the San Bernardino Mountains. After turning off the highway, it is a seven mile journey on a rough dirt road. When I arrived, there was one other vehicle parked at the trail head and a couple of guys dressed in camouflage in a truck […]