February 2018
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Sailing out of the sunset

It was a nice January evening and there was a light breeze. We were working on the boats and I though I would take a break and go for a quick sail. The breeze was cool as the sun was setting in the west. It was nice to just get out and enjoy the relatively […]

The Regatta and the Lady of the Lake

Today we had Riverside Community Sailing Program regatta at the lake. Sailing went well. Jacob came in second and I finished fourth out of eight. It was fun to get out and sail. As I finished up, lo and behold there was a new geocache published and it was in the lake. Lady of the […]

Sailing and Vitamin D

It seems as though just over a week ago I was in and out of the North Fork of the Virgin River in Zion National Park. I an done with getting my feet wet for a few months now. For today, Jacob and I decided to stay on top of the water.

Sailing towards […]

Family, Brass and Boats

Today was a great day. It started with the creation of empty brass with Eric, a BBQ lunch with Janet, Eric, Emily and several other family members, sailing with Eric and Emily and finished with another BBQ with Eric, Emily and Janet.

July 5th celebration


Father’s Day – 2010

As it is father’s day, I had time to look back on father’s day just a year ago. My brothers Alan, Wayne. And Eric and I gathered around our father’s bedside. We talked about the years that had passed, the fun that we had. We talked about the river trip that we took together in […]

Riverside City Council Regatta - 2010

Today was the 2010 Riverside City Council Regatta and BBQ. This year the Riverside Community Sailing Program was responsible for more of the event. The event went well. More information on the regatta can be found here. It was also a great fundraiser for the City Councilmemeber’s favorite charity as well as the Riverside Community […]

Sailing and Boat Testing

In a couple of weeks we will have the City Council Regatta where several of the City Councilpersons rack each other. As we prepare we need to make sure that we have a boat for the participants and the sail on their boat matches the ward they represent. Boat Seven was finished today and needed […]

Emily and Sailing

This evening Emily let me know that she wanted to go sailing with a big smile. Eric went along in case there was a need for a rescue. He let us know that if we capsizes that he would get a row boat ans put it in the water and then leisurely row out to […]

Job Finished - Eagle Project

Today Jacob lead his team of hard workers in the construction phase. A few pieces of lumber needed to be cut for the corner braces. However, the majority of the work was screwing the Sabot racks together. After 5 hours and a lot of pushing to keep the bit in the screw head with an […]

Paint and Play

Today we started the day picking up the last of the lumber needed for Jacobs Eagle Scout Project. He is constructions boat racks to store the Sabot sailboats in the sailboat house at Fairmont Park. Today’s activities required cutting lumber and painting. Next project workk day will be construction. As for the cutting and painting […]

Sailing and Geocaching

As Eric contemplated his date tonight, I started the day with a brisk walk around the lakes at Fairmont Park. It was a brisk walk of 1.66 miles at 5.2 miles per hour. On my walk I was passing a man who had a fish on and he asked me to get his needle nose […]

Riverside City Council Regatta and BBQ

The Riverside City Council Regatta and BBQ went well today. It was a fundraiser for the City Councilmemeber’s favorite charity and the Riverside Community Sailing Program. Eric and Jacob were a great help for the event. They helped get the boats in the water and set up. Then they went out and placed the marker […]

Sailing at Fairmont Park

Today was the first scheduled day of sailing for the Riverside Community Sailing Program. Three of us showed up and two of us put a boat in the water. There was a gentle breeze with an occasional sustained gust that would get us moving. It was great to get out and have fun.

Sailing […]

Riverside Community Sailing Program

This past week Eric has participated in the Riverside Community Sailing Program, a program to teach youth how to sail. He volunteered as part of the rescue team as he is trained in first aid and CPR because he is a Fire Explore. His first task was to get into the rescue boat with Megan, […]

Dirt, Water and Wind

A month ago I was invited to the first Riverside Commuity Sailing Progarm meeting by Lanny Coon. He is heading up the project of getting a youth sailing program started. Years ago, like more than 25 years ago there was an organization at the park that taught young people to sail. The sailing stopped after […]