January 2018
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Constitution Day

Happy Constitution Day. Constitution Day commemorates the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution by thirty-nine brave men on September 17, 1787. More information available at Constitution Day web page

September 11

As I took a moment to remember this day in 2001, I thought of my shot drive to work where I listened to the radio in disbelief of what was happening. It still feels like something changed that day. Today I also thought of the opportunity I had to touch a piece of steel from […]

National Empty Chair Day

Early in the morning the Boy Scouts put a flag in my lawn to celebrate Labor Day. I decide to leave the flag up and put out an empty chair for National Empty Chair Day. As I walk out front I first hand see the effects of the empty chair. It is sad that there […]

A scooter to like . . .

A few weeks ago there was a scooter parked in front of the neighbors house. It made me cringe thinking that the hope and change coming to my life was also a scooter due to rising gas prices.

So as I was out and about today, I saw another scooter. This one was being […]

Obama 2012 – Scooters and Change

What is happening to my neighborhood? My neighbor just purchased a Toyota Camry hybrid. I thought that was a little green. However, my neighbor does commute into LA and the hybrid saves on the gas purchases.

When I cam home yesterday what did I find in front of the neighbors home? A scooter with an […]

On Strike

In a matter of minutes – my blog will be on strike against SOPA and PIPA. My web page –www.gdpalmer.com is blank with a small description. I will be back on the 19th.

Well bitten . . .

About a week ago I wrote about the Su Casa apartment complex in my Su Casa – Taking a bite out of problems . . . post. The problem is officially gone. The only people seen at the old site are middle aged men waving their metal detectors. They are definitely not a problem. Perhaps […]

Su Casa – Taking a bite out of problems . . .

In life there are times that you need to face you nemesis. A time when that which is good prevails over that which is bad, provided you have the proper resources. For example, the Su Casa Apartments have been a nemesis to the neighborhood for as many years as I have lived here and that […]

Is the Doctor in or out?

After taking a stroll on the boardwalk of Venice Beach I had to ask myself, is the Doctor really in or is he out? There were several places that advertised that the doctor is in and willing to write prescriptions. In fact they say, “‘Weed’ love to help you!” You can even join a club, […]

A day to remember . . .

I took time today to think about nine years ago on September 11. The disbelief at what I was seeing and hearing because it seemed all to horrible. The somber reality that what was happening was real and many people perished. May we never forget and be vigilant in the future to protect our County, […]

Healthcare for nothing

I found this at view from the porch and I thought I would pass it on. Something to get you going on a Saturday morning . . .

Happy 4th of July – 2010

I wish all a Happy 4th of July and a time for us to think about our freedom. The last verse of the National Anthem causes me to think. Are we really freemen or does our government seem to govern more of our lives? It is a war between our homes and the opposition, a […]

A California Response

In regards to the controversy at a high school regarding students who were told to not show the American flag on their clothing or go home, what country or world do I live in? I fly the American flag in front of my home every day. Am I supposed to take down the symbol of […]


It is it a new word? Is it a new concept? Or is it what the Main Stream Media has been smoking for a couple of years? What else could explain the way some people have been acting. I just hope our nation gets back to reality and our legislators fix what will make all […]

Jury Duty

I am sitting here at jury duty. That is a challenge in and of itself. Now they have turned the TV’s on and I have to sit waiting for jury duty and listen to Obama talk about health care. I already read about California and it’s budget problems. Then again, they announced a while ago […]