February 2018
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Happy Halloween

A great Halloween pumpkin smashing video. Looks like fun.

Random Thought

More people are killed each year by a hammer than a semiautomatic sporting rifle (known as an assault rifle to the uniformed). Why the big push to control the semiautomatic sporting rifle? I guess the gun control groups cannot debate a point on level or make a square argument. Fallacy and fiction may be a […]

Hiking for Fall - Aspen Groves

Scott wanted to go hiking with me to the Aspen Groves again this year. We went last year the night before snow was to arrive. Today was the day as tomorrow night, snow is supposed to arrive. With snow comes wind and both tend to make fall leaves fall.

As we traveled up the highway […]

Government Shutdown

There has been a little buzz on the bulletin board for the San Gorgonio Wilderness Association in regards to the Government Shutdown. As the Forest Service is “closed” does that make the forest closed? There are some that are going on rebel hikes without a permit due to the fact that they cannot get a […]

Constitution Day

I am not a big fan of birthdays and could do without all the celebration. Every year that I can remember, my birthday falls the day before Constitution Day. I sometimes think which is more important or which should be celebrated more. I kind of think of it like Freedom or Birthday? I would rather […]

Gratitue - NOT!

Once upon a time there was this older lady. She had a big house and had children and grandchildren living with her. They were all over the age of 17. All five of them. The eat her food. They lounge in the air conditioned house. They driver her vehicles. They sleep in beds at her […]

Memorial Day Hike

For the past 15 or more years our congregation from church hikes up Mt. Rubidoux on Memorial Day. The children and I have made the hike many times. I remember many years ago when Jacob was in a backpack on my back for the hike. He is now 17. I remember the hike last year […]

Memorial Day

I have thought about Memorial Day off and on for the past week. Words like gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation came to mind. There is a certain gravity surrounding Memorial Day. For some, it is obvious that they understand the importance and significance of Memorial Day. For others, perhaps the gravity of this day has not […]

The nose knows

It has been several years ago when I had a dog as part of the family. My children had a couple dogs, Tony and Stacie when they were ten, nine, seven and three. Due to extenuating circumstances the children and I lost them. Now that the children are 23, 22, 20 and 17 I get […]

Why do I walk?

I like to get out and walk, hike up a mountain or backpack into a wilderness. Sometimes I wonder why. Sometimes it is looking up at the challenge that drives me to go to the top. It could be the walk from home to the top of Mt. Rubidoux.

Being on top or Mt. […]

Risks - Some Chosen and Some Not

This week I pondered on some of the risks that I take. Risks where I know what the consequences may be. There are those that have unfortunate outcomes without knowingly taking any risk. After reading a post on the blog of Brigid, titled “Tales of Travels – The Science of Risk”“Tales of Travels – The […]

Resolution Dissolution

It is days like today when the temptation grows in the break room that I am resolved to recommitting myself tomorrow or the next day to eating better.