January 2018
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Out for a hike today and took some pictures of flowers.


Oak Glen

Today Emily, Elizabeth and I took a trip to Oak Glen to go on a hike. Elizabeth has been wanting to go to the mountains. The have a nice trail at the Oak Glen Preserve. The main loop trail is 2 miles which would make for a fun activity. One of the first things we […]

Rain or Shine

This morning there is a twenty percent chance of rain. It will be nice to get some rain if we actually get it. On the other hand, a few clouds in the sky created a spectacular sunrise.

Box Springs Mountain

It was going to be in double digits in the afternoon so I started early on a Saturday morning hike. The recent rains have produced a little greening up of the hills as the grass begins to come back from a long and toasty summer.

I was surprised by what looked like a dry bush […]

Wood Badge

How do you explain Wood Badge in a blog post? There is an explanation here. So now that is out of the way, how do you explain what it is like to be on staff at Wood Badge? A few words may help. They are fun, fun and fun. Then there are the staff development […]

Beating the Heat on Box Springs Mountain

I do not know about beating the heat because it was rather warm. Of course we started early and were at the Two Trees trailhead before seven. The other advantage is we start hiking up the trail on the west side of the mountain which is shaded early in the morning.

As it has […]

Highway 60 Tenacity

I drive under Highway 60 most mornings on my way to work. What has surprised me is the tenacity of this cactus growing on top of a concrete pillar. I know cactus like the desert and do not need much water. However, I think this guy has taken it to the extreme.

Of course […]

Sailing with Emily

It was a warm day and I wanted to get out of the house. I looked and Emily and we thought about a walk. It was a little warm for that. How about sailing was the next thought. So it was off to the lake for a evening of sailing. The breeze was cool and […]

A Bear of a Good Hike

Last year in the month of May I hiked almost 90 miles. This year in the month of may I cot close to 20 with this hike. It was tough as I was not in shape. We started out early leaving the house at 5:00. We were at the trailhead of the San Bernardino trail […]

Flower on a Mountain

Took a little walk tonight looking for the sunset. On the way up Mt. Rubidoux, I came across a nice flower.

I hiked a little further and I happened upon another one of natures beautiful creations.

I bet she would say that she is a princess if you ask her. The princess of […]

The Animals

We let Elizabeth know that we were going to see some turkeys, chickens and lamas also known as the animals at my brothers house. She was excited to see them. However, when she actually saw them, she treated them like aliens. then again, how often to young children come face to face with large feathered […]

Cold Springs or Frozen Flakes

We traveled to Cold Springs in the western sierras north of Yosemite to spend the night with relatives in their cabin. When I got up and put my things in the truck, it was 39 degrees and drizzly with cloudy a sky. By the time my sweetheart got up and had her thing packed for […]

Sourdough Sam and the Brick Oven

When you go to a Christmas Craft and Music Festival you never know what you will find. There were plenty of crafts at the 40th Sonora Christmas Craft and Music Festival at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds in Sonora, CA.

As for the things that I thought was the most unique, the thing that topped my […]

Hiking Again

It seems like all I post about is hiking. Then again, it is what I do most Saturday mornings. Today’s hike was much faster as I did not have Elizabeth on my back. I averaged a mile in 22 minutes rather that the 27 minutes per mile this past Tuesday. I also took several pictures. […]

Wakeup for Wildlife

Last night I went to bed at the usual time for the work week even though I had the day off. The plan was to take Elizabeth on a hike with me. When she got to the house this morning it was obvious that she was tired. She did not want to go to bed […]