February 2018
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Spring is getting closer . . .

We have had some cold nights the past few weeks. However, we are getting to that that magic date of the last chance of frost. With that in mind, Elizabeth and I headed out to the nursery for a couple more tomato plants, some romaine lettuce, and a 6 pack of zucchini plants. This past […]

Tomato Plants – Cold and Snow

I thought I would get an early start on the garden this year. However, we are on our second cold streak. I guess the cold streak is relative, if you can call a couple of nights at freezing. Not much of a problem other than placing the 5 gallon buckets over the tomato plants in […]

Baby Bullet

Tonight I felt like having vegetables for dinner. I cooked up a butternut squash from last falls garden and added some fresh cauliflower and broccoli. I ran some of the squash through the Baby Bullet with a little water and presto, dinner for Elizabeth.

Garden Grows

As the winter garden grows, so does the gardening space. Last weekend I made another raised garden bed. I also planted a couple of tomato plants and a jalapeno pepper. This week it was time to get the onions kale in the ground that I purchased last weekend.

As for the winter garden, the […]

Frozen Peas

The last couple of nights it has been extra cold here in the inland valleys of Southern California. When I walked in the back yard this morning, the water from the sprinklers had frozen to ice on the cement. The pepper plants have mostly lost all their foliage. I should have picked the peppers a […]

Gardening is Good

We have been eating a lot out of the garden this summer. It has been a good change and I feel better eating more vegetables and less meat. As for tonight, I turned 5 pounds of Roma tomatoes into a wonderful spaghetti sauce. No pictures of the finished product. However, there is a picture of […]

Garden - 2010

I was at Home Depot a couple of days ago getting some flowers for Eric. He needed them for a experiment for the Environmental Science merit badge. As I was there I grabbed a few plants for the garden. Yes it is the beginning of March and it still could freeze, but I am willing […]