January 2018
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Día de los Muertos

For some reason we find ourselves attending Día de los Muertos the past few years. For a description of the holiday go here. Perhaps it is because it is in walking distance from home. As Jacob, Elizabeth and I walked through the crowds, we stopped to see the dancers. Elizabeth really enjoyed watching them. Her […]

Running from the Heat

Today Elizabeth and I went on a road trip to Idyllwild to help get some GPS coordinates for a scouting event. We had fun walking around the forest talking about big oak trees and baby oak trees or big cedar trees and baby cedar trees.

Elizabeth was a good sport. Once she got in the […]

Eliza and Elizabeth

This evening I stopped by to pick up Elizabeth for a Grandpa Granddaughter date. I walked over to her house and then we walked downtown. We went to Antonious Pizza and purchased a couple of slices of pizza. After pizza we walked the downtown plaza. I thought I would get a shot of Elizabeth on […]

Monday Night Downtown

Due to the large crowd on Sunday night, we decided we would make another run at it on Monday night. Tonight it is Elizabeth, Emily and myself. The crowds were extremely light as the sun was just going down when we arrived. We had time to take a picture, Emily, Elizabeth and myself. Or should […]

Fun with Elizabeth

This past weekend I got to spend some extra time with Elizabeth. There were several things on the to-do list. We cleaned up the garden, raked leaves, added organic material to the garden boxes and turned the soil over. This was all in preparation for planting the onions.

Last week we planted broccoli, […]

Work and Play

Today I had a few thing to do around the house. I fixed a garden lamp and needed a little concrete at the base. No problem, a little concrete, some water and someone to mix it up.

The young worker worked so hard helping today I decided to take her out to dinner. Naturally […]