February 2018
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Wildlife on the trail

My neighbor always tells me something large in the forest will eat me some day as I go hiking backpacking often. I like getting out seeing and listening to nature. Bird, insects, small animals as well as the trees and flowers is usually what I see. I have seen the signs if larger animals. When […]

Hike of the Day - Two Trees and beyond

Today was a day to go hiking. I decided to stay close to home and go up the Two Trees Trail. I did the longer loop around on the Spring Trail, up the road to the Ridge Trail and over on the road the the Edison Trail and finally back down the Two Trees Trail. […]

The nose knows

It has been several years ago when I had a dog as part of the family. My children had a couple dogs, Tony and Stacie when they were ten, nine, seven and three. Due to extenuating circumstances the children and I lost them. Now that the children are 23, 22, 20 and 17 I get […]

Sunset on Two Trees Trail

This evening I decided to take a hike up the Two Trees Trail. I arrived at the trailhead about 4:45. I checked my Sundroid app to determine that sunset was at 7:17 and that I should have plenty of time for a long hike. I made it to Cassina Springs where I stopped to take […]

Water Colors

It has been a couple of weeks from the last time I hiked in the Box Springs Mountain Park. The last part of the year has been dry and much of the annual vegetation has turned brown for the season. Even many of the perennials have shown signs of stress as the dry summer wore […]

Geocaching Box Springs Park

Rather than just hike the same 6.5 miles today, I thought I would pick up a few geocaches along the way. As for the day, the weather was forecast to have a 20 percent chance of showers and fog. As I headed to Box Springs Park, there was not a lot of drizzle, but there […]

Two Trees Trail – again

Today I was off the the Two Trees trailhead again. I skipped last Saturday to do a few things around the house. I hiked the same path, up the Two Trees Trail to the road and then up the Spring trail to the road and then up the road to take the Ridge Trail down […]

Box Springs Park - Ridge Trail

This morning I took the same route as last week. I started a little earlier as there was no cloud cover. The sun also is a little slower at getting up into the sky so I was greeted by more shade on the way up the Two Trees trail. The Spring Trail, being on a […]

Morning Hike – Ridge Trail

Today I took my traditional hike up Two Trees trail and then up the Spring Trail. Rather than heading down the road at the end of the Spring Trail, I headed up. After getting close to the top of the ridge I followed one of the roads to one end of the Ridge Trail, marked […]

Box Springs Park

Today I hiked up the Two Trees trail to the road and then on to the Spring Trail. I took a picture showing Cucamonga Peak in the distance. From there it was back on the road and over to the Edison Trail. I then got to the Two Trees trail where I headed back to […]

Saturday Morning Hike

Last night it got down to 40 degrees. Now that is not cold if you are from a colder climate, however, for some of the thin blooded types around here, it was too cold to live, or at least that is what they tried to tell me. When we reached the trail head of the […]

Saturday Morning Hike

It was a beautiful Saturday morning here in Southern California. The air outside was in the mid 50’s first thing in the morning, but the high of the day was going to be in the 80’s. The sky was clear and it would be a great day to hike.

Emily and I started at the […]

Two Trees Trail - Four legs and fur

Emily and I were off to the Two Trees trail again today. We got there about the same time as last week. This week, there was a lot less cloud cover and the high temperature for the day was forecast as about 90 degrees. Even with the forecast of heat, it was a fairly cool […]

Two Trees Trail

Today was somewhat cloudy and there was a lot of moisture in the air. It is beginning to feel like fall. Especially after this past week with some days around one hundred degrees. Emily and I chose the Two Trees trail for today’s hike.

We arrived at the trail head and the sun was shrouded […]

Two Trees Trail

Today Emily and I had a little time crunch. We could not go on a far far away hike so we chose to do Two Trees. It was cloudy as we arrived at the trail head. The radio said that there were thundershowers in Orange County. We had ponchos if we saw rain, so we […]