January 2018
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Hiking for Philmont

Tonight we started with one of our practice hikes for Philmont this summer. We all had backpacks on with some weight in them. We all moved uphill fairly quickly and made our return trip as the sun was setting.

Box Springs Mountain Park Plants

As I hike in the Box Springs Mountain Park all the time, I decided to get to know the plants. Some have been easier than others. Poison Oak – Easy. That is one you should learn as a young Boy Scout. As for the others, some are easily looked up. Then there are those that […]

Box Springs Morning

Today I went for a quick hike up Box Springs with my backpack loaded with about 30 pounds. It was a slow first hour as I was climbing the first two miles. As I was slowly moving uphill I took a couple of pictures of plants that were in bloom.

Mimulus aurantiacus – Bush […]

Box Springs Mountain Park – Evening Hike

This evening I went on my usual hike up Two Trees trail into Box Springs Mountain Park. What was unusual about this hike was that it was my first attempt to use my backpack and I included 30 pounds in it for good measure. The evening started off warm and the hike was slow. However, […]

Flora and possible Fauna

Flora and Fauna is just a different way of spelling “plants and animals” with less letters. As for today’s activities, it was another hike in the Box Springs Mountain Park. A couple of things caught my eye this evening. The first was the colors the seemed to be popping in one area. The pinks of […]

Snakes and Lizards

Today on the trail there was one Snakes and many Lizards. The hike was a felt little warmer than usual due to higher humidity. My pace was about the same as in the past. No new records. Just a few pictures of Snakes and Lizards.

This one is a garter snake. Probably the Mountain Garter […]

Breaking in Boots

For about 5 years I have worn the Asolo Power Matic 250’s. I love the boot and I have put on about 400 miles on them. The soles are showing wear. Additionally, my toes are starting to touch the boot on downhill descents. I hear your feet grow a little when you get old. They […]

Fuzzy and not so Fuzzy

It was a little cool this morning and very cloudy. With as warm as it has been, it was nice to have a change. It would be a good hiking day so I headed to Box Springs Mountain Park. I made it up to the spot where I took pictures of the sunset a couple […]

Evening Hike

As anticipated, it was in the 90’s today, 92 to be exact. I wanted to go hiking, but it is was hot outside. I decided to wait until about an hour before sunset knowing it would be a little dark on the way back down the trail.

One of the first things I noticed is […]

Cool and Cloudy – Until Tuesday

Today was cool and cloudy. A perfect day for a hike in the Box Springs Mountains. It was in the high 70’s today. Now on Tuesday the forecast is for 93 degrees. Some people are getting tired of the cooler weather. however, I am not really into days in the 90’s in April.

Off through […]

Box Springs and Lizard King

The rain last weekend has really greened things up on Box Springs mountain. The grass was a lot greener and was the poison oak. In many places, where water is available most of the year, the poison oak wanted to jump onto the trail.

Once at the top of the trail the previous weeks […]

Box Springs and the M

Today I went hiking in the Box Springs park area with the Venturing Crew. We started further away at a church building, hiked further up to the M on the mountain for Moreno Valley and then back. We took my traditional trails of Two Trees, Spring and Edison trails as well. Last weeks hike was […]

Spring looks like it is here

I went for a Saturday morning hike in the Box Springs Park today. Four weeks ago most of the trees had not leaves. This week, they are full of leaves.

Our neighbors have a mulberry tree that is just about to loose its last leaves. It is also showing signs of new buds. […]

Box Springs Hike

Today Emily and I went for a 3.5 mile hike. This was the first time we hiked in probably two years. It was fun to get out hiking with Emily. They day was a beautiful day. The sycamore trees are already starting to have hew green growth. One would think spring is here.

Problem […]

A New Year

Every year is started with hopes of change or something new. I started my day with a little hike up the Two Trees trail. I have not been up this trail for a few months. I though back of my trips up this trail with Stevie the dog. She had a desire to climb the […]