January 2018
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Where there is smoke there is . . . ?

Tonight I received a text from my daughter that said, “The dryer still smells fire but I am going to start it.” I was not as concerned that the dryer was smelling fire as the dryer smelling like fire.

I had walked through the house and it had a faint smell like someone had […]

F02 is Gross

Early in my day my daughter complained about the washing machine. It had given us a error code of F02 the evening before and now it was fairly consistent. Washing one load of closes was not working. Knowing that with the right search I could find an answer I searched “Whirlpool Duet F02 error code” […]

22 Cans of fun

There is this project that I have been putting off for several years. Os should I say, the project just over the fence. There have been these trees that started growing on the other side of the fence that I should have cut down a long time ago. Lets put the major tree at about […]

Festival of Lights and Rights

Tonight was the Festival of Lights presented by the Mission Inn. There are lots of lights and fireworks. This year there was also a surprise. After dinner, Jacob and I ran downtown to see the fireworks. It was not like “running” to the store. We literally ran. Nothing like a little after dinner exercise.

As […]

Slow Running

We have a sink that drains slow. I fix it and it is back to draining slow again within a few months. The solution is to replace the drain pipe in the wall. The current drain pipe, galvanized pipe that was very rusty was a tee in the wall with the drain pipe running down […]

Shovel Ready

For the past three Saturdays, I have been hiking somewhere on this planet. This weekend was the work weekend. It started at 7:00 AM trimming the hedge on the one side of the property. Then it was filling in the holes left by Scott’s dogs. Of course, Scott had woken up by this time and […]

Garden - 2010

I was at Home Depot a couple of days ago getting some flowers for Eric. He needed them for a experiment for the Environmental Science merit badge. As I was there I grabbed a few plants for the garden. Yes it is the beginning of March and it still could freeze, but I am willing […]

No Leaks

As the sun was setting I was putting dirt back in the hole created for the new plumbing. I ran through the sprinkler timer for each zone and they work. Put some water on the roses and other vegetation that had not received water in a couple of months. It is amazing what a simple […]

Leaky and Broken

I thought I would start a simple project of replacing a broken sprinkler valve. The new valve did not fit because it required more space between the pipe that came into the valve and the one that left the valve. Then in the process, I broke a pipe from another valve. It was also evident […]