February 2018
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Long Canyon Creek to Blackrock Trailhead

We made the decision last night to get up early today. About 2:00 am it rained for a while. About 5:00 am it began to sprinkle. I was thinking of the best way to pack and keep things dry. Water on tents and other things just adds weight.

Just after 5:30 am it stooped sprinkling […]

Indian Head

After a fairly good night sleep it was time to get up. I have always enjoyed the mornings as there is a certain peace in the forest before others are up and around. After going to Philmont Scout Ranch a couple of years ago, Jacob and I learned to keep our backpacks away from where […]

Casa Vieja Meadows to Long Canyon Creek

I wanted to catch the sunrise and did not think to set an alarm on my phone. I have learned to put my phone in airplane mode and the battery will last a couple of days taking pictures, using a GPS application as well as checking my sunrise and sunset application. It was nice to […]

Road Trip - errands before fun - Sierra Nevada Mountains

Today is the day that Jacob and I are heading to the Golden Trout Wilderness in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. First thing on agenda for the day was to pick up the recycling for the Beaumont Cross Country team at 6:30 AM at Jacobs residence. After the pick up it was off to Walmart for […]