February 2018
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Shave of the Day - Mitchell's, Hoyt's, Timor and Kent

This morning I decided to break out a straight razor for the shave. The shave was great and I will go into more detail below. However, as I was preparing this post I looked at my last shaving post. Everything was the same, except for the brush. There must be something I like about the […]

Shave of the Day - Mitchell's, Hoyt's, Timor and Simpson

It has been a few months from my last shave using s straight razor. Today I had the opportunity to take a little extra time and enjoy a shave. I reached in the cabinet and picked up a few shaving soap varieties, finally settling on Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap, using the original 1893 formula. […]

Shave of the Day - Sublime Citrus and Musgo Real

Shave of the Day – Cyril R. Salter Sublime Citrus Luxury Shaving Cream, Simpson “Chubby” 1 Super Badger Brush, Giesen & Forsthoff, #500, 5/8 wide and Musgo Real No. 1 Orange Amber

Fall is upon us as the cooler weather replaces the hot summer that we have had. It is also the time where […]

Boar or Badger – That is the question

Eric has taken up shaving with a safety razor. He likes the way they shave. He really likes the Merkur Futur. The 1963 Gillette Super Speed was not quite aggressive enough. He will use it if he needs to shave quickly and wants to be assured that he will not get a nick. Knowing that […]

Shave of the Day – Teen meets the past

The old style safety razor meets the new kid on the block

Tonight Eric came into our bathroom to shave. He usually shaves in the shower, but has not in a few days. He had is Gillette Mach III in hand and I let him know that was not the proper instrument. I reached […]

Shave of the Day – Taylor Shaving Shop

Taylor of OLD Bond Street – Shaving Shop

Spring is in the air and the birds are singing. I reached for one of my favorites for today’s shave, Taylor of OLD Bond Street in the fragrance of Shaving Shop. The Taylor shave cream lathers up richly with the super badger brush that I was […]

Shave of the Day - Casbah Mint and Varon Dandy

Simpson Chubby 1 – Kell’s Casbah Mint – Dovo Razor

It was a rainy day her in southern California and I wanted a little change for the Shave of the Day. I chose Kell’s Original Hemp Blend Shaving Soap in the fragrance of Casbah Mint. The soap lathered easily and had a clean fragrance. […]

Shave of the Day - West Indian Extract of Limes

Geo. F. Trumper West Indian Extract of Lime and the Clauss New Departure Razor

It was a wonderful day to have a good shave. A good night’s rest works wonders for the outlook on a day. I had the desire to spice up and brighten the day go I chose Geo. F. Trumper West […]

Shave of the Day - La Toja

La Toja of Spain

Today I decided to head to Spain for the Shave of the Day. The product is La Toja and they had soap many years ago. Form a web site, “The original name for this famous soap is ‘Sales de La Toja.’ La Toja is named after the tiny island off […]

Shave of the Day - Polar Ice

Polar Ice

As we are right smack dab in the middle of winter here in southern California, I thought it was time to look up north. For today’s shave I chose J.M. Fraser’s shave cream and aftershave lotion in the fragrance of Polar Ice. These products are a product out of Toronto Canada. With […]

Shave of the Day - Kell's Original and Old Spice

Kell’s Original Hemp Blend in Amber and Old Spice

For today’s shave I wanted to prepare for the Riverside City Council Regatta and BBQ. I decided to grab Kell’s Original Hemp Blend Handcrafted Shaving Soap in the fragrance of Amber. I used my Simpson Chubby 1 brush which worked great with the Kell’s soap. […]

Shave of the Day – Musgo Real

Musgo Real – shaving cream and after shave

I have always liked the Musgo Real Orange Amber after shave. The Musgo Real shaving cream has been sitting on the shelf for a couple of months. Today, it was time to break it out and give it a try. A small amount in the palm […]

Shave of the Day - Sea Buckthorn and English Fern

I was given a sample of Edwin Jagger Premium Shaving Cream in the fragrance of Sea Buckthorn. I decided to try it out. I stropped up the Dovo razor in preparation for the test. I dampened my face and badger hair brush and proceeded to get a little of the Sea Buckthorn shaving cream […]

Shave of the Day - Arlington


Today is another Arlington day. The Dr. Harris Co. Ltd fragrance of Arlington is wonderful. It is one of my favorites. A couple of days ago I used the Arlington saving soap and today I used the shave stick. Again I noticed that it lathered well. I used the Akro stick yesterday and […]

Shave of the Day - Blenheim Bouquet

One of my favorite shave creams is Penhalagon’s Blenheim Bouquet. Desiring to get a little more information, some friends that are in London took a stroll over to Panhalagon’s at 41 Wellington Street, Covent Garden, London. The report is as follows: “The one at Covent Garden has been there since about 1802. It has all […]