February 2018
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Elizabeth and Pom Pom

Elizabeth like the wow-wow’s. Or should I say small furry animals called by the name of dog. She had an opportunity to interact with Scott’ new dog, Pom Pom, a male Pomeranian. I do not know that Scott would get an award for the most original name for a dog. However, it is a name […]

The Racoon Wrap

Tonight Stevie the dog and I made the decision to walk to the park and around Lake Evans. The sun had cone down and the evening had finally cooled off. We were in the far side of the lake when there were four furry animals that proceeded to go into high alert as Stevie did […]

Sailing and walking the dog

Several months have passed from that last time I sailed in Lake Evans. Tonight was the Thursday evening summer sail. I decided at the last minute to go down to the park and sail. The last three days I have commuted into Orange County for work which constituted one and a half hours in and […]

Hike of the Day - Two Trees and beyond

Today was a day to go hiking. I decided to stay close to home and go up the Two Trees Trail. I did the longer loop around on the Spring Trail, up the road to the Ridge Trail and over on the road the the Edison Trail and finally back down the Two Trees Trail. […]

Scared of water or just a bath?

I walk Stevie almost every night. One thing I have noticed is that she has a fear of water. She will avoid the side of the sidewalk where someones lawn sprinklers are on. She will walk around a puddle on the sidewalk. She will do her best to avoid any lawn sprinkler anywhere. Last night […]