February 2018
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Independence Day – Range Style

A couple of days ago Eric called up and asked if we could go the the range on Independence Day. I told him I would think about it. Did I want to get up early to beat the heat and the crowd and go to the range or did I want to sleep in and […]

Seven Magazine Clip

After watching a video of one of our State Representatives, I only have one response – This is a seven magazine clip.

Random Thought

More people are killed each year by a hammer than a semiautomatic sporting rifle (known as an assault rifle to the uniformed). Why the big push to control the semiautomatic sporting rifle? I guess the gun control groups cannot debate a point on level or make a square argument. Fallacy and fiction may be a […]

Revolver - 454 Casull - in waistband not a good thing

A 22 year old accidentally shot himself with a single-action Freedom Arms 454 Casull while it was tucked in his waistband. He put it there when he went to investigate a noise outside his apartment. The only way to carry a gun safely is in a holster. NOt cocking the hammer would also be a […]

What happened to children’s parents?

When I was a kid, there were Cops and Robbers or Cowboys and Indians or Good Guys and Bad Guys. It is like life and death, yin and yang or life in general where there is an opposition of two things. The dark side versus good is an age old concept that has been around […]

Utah Gun Show

On Friday morning I set off to a gun show in Salt Lake City Utah, a drive from Southern California. Being born in Utah over 50 years ago and visiting the state many times over the years, there are many things I enjoy in the state of Utah. One of the things I love is […]

Range Day

Today was a holiday so I decided it was a good day to go to the range. It has been several years ago when I went to the rage with Scott, my oldest son. He has never shot handguns before so we took a few to try out. He started with the Ruger MK III […]

Shooting in the rain

One of my brothers called to let me know that one of my other brothers asked their daughters what they wanted to do when they went to Utah. Their answer – shooting. Our nieces had never shot a gun before and that is what they wanted to do.

As a side story, my three […]


I took the opportunity to go to the range today for their monthly Bullseye shoot. The last time I shot the bullseye shoot was about two years ago I was using a Glock 35. Everyone else was using a .22 caliber hand gun. I must have spent 10 times what they did on ammunition.

A […]

Starbucks and Zombies

Stopped by Starbucks to support the buycott. There was a line out the door so I will return later. On the trip I was relieved to know that locally we have a “Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle” in the area as indicated by the sticker in the rear window. Not that the licence plate was a […]

Cartridges, Sporting Goods and Toys

Some time, probably years ago, there was a Sporting Goods and Toy store in the San Fernando Valley area of California. If you looks at closely at the price tag on the 38 special you can see the “SPT. GOODS & TOYS” in fine print. I guess they sold both toys and sporting goods together. […]

Range Day with Jacob

Today one of my coworkers and I decided that we needed to have an afternoon meeting out of the office. Goals, technique and staying on target were some of the topics of discussion. Relaxing and breathing along with squeezing of the trigger were important topics as well.

For this outing we had Jacob, my […]

Lunch Time Fun

Today, after a long summer, we opened up the air rifle range. It took a few shots to get the cans moving. It was as if the trigger finger was a little rusty. Then again, skippy the squirrel was a little rusty as well. After several attempts to dispatch skippy to the ground with no […]

Father’s Day - 2011

This Fathers Day weekend was a little difficult. Two years ago, on the Friday evening before Fathers Day Jacob and I were headed out for a Boy Scout overnight campout at Blue Ridge and then a hike up Mt Baden Powell the next morning. Dad passed away just four days after our trip up to […]

Range Surprise – Ladies Shoot

Wanted to go to the shooting range today because there was nothing on the calendar on the sportsmen’s club website. I needed to take a buddy so I sent Emily a text to see if she wanted to go. She did and was here at 8 in the morning to make the trip. I was […]