February 2018
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Día de los Muertos

For some reason we find ourselves attending Día de los Muertos the past few years. For a description of the holiday go here. Perhaps it is because it is in walking distance from home. As Jacob, Elizabeth and I walked through the crowds, we stopped to see the dancers. Elizabeth really enjoyed watching them. Her […]

Minnie Mouse and Mom

This evening we had a Halloween get together known as a Trunk or Treat at the church. It was a fun evening. It appeared that Elizabeth had a great time.

There was also a chili cook-off that was going to be judged. Never entering anything in the event, I started with a basic […]

Hiking and Shopping

I went for a morning hike with Elizabeth. It was her first time to Box Springs Mountain Park. Then again, it was my first time carrying her up the Two Trees trail on my back. We stopped at the picnic tables and had something to eat and drink. We then continued up the Spring Trail […]

Running from the Heat

Today Elizabeth and I went on a road trip to Idyllwild to help get some GPS coordinates for a scouting event. We had fun walking around the forest talking about big oak trees and baby oak trees or big cedar trees and baby cedar trees.

Elizabeth was a good sport. Once she got in the […]

An Evening Hike

Today Elizabeth came by the office to do a little coloring. It was a joy to see her smiling face. Soon enough we went grocery shopping. Of course she fell asleep on the way to the grocery store and I had to carry her around. But that is what you do when you sit in […]

Sailing with Elizabeth

Tonight was our last summer sailing event. It is a signal the the summer will be over soon. I knew I would have to take advantage to the event and get on the water with Elizabeth. As we were getting ready to leave, she grabbed her life jacket and said, “wa wa” as an indication […]

Elizabeth Turns Two

It is amazing how fast this year has passed. Elizabeth has turned two. We are a little late in celebrating her birthday as I was in the back-country in the state of New Mexico and Janet, my lovely wife was in northern California on the exact date. We decided to have a little party, cake, […]

First Time Sailor

Tonight was Thursday Night sailing at Lake Evans for the volunteers and former students. I have not been sailing in several months, so I wanted to get out on the water. However, tonight I had a sailing partner and crew on shore.

Janet was on shore to take pictures as Elizabeth and I […]

Father's Day - 2014

Another year has passed and another Fathers Day is already here. As I am sitting here eating leftover pizza this morning I contemplate Father’s Day. The pizza is from last night when Jacob and I went out to dinner. We had a good day yesterday going on a hike and then to dinner. Even after […]

Sunday Glow

There is nothing like a small young lady admiring the beauty in nature. It could be a flower that attracts her attention and draws her interest.

Then again, it may be the adventure of climbing a mountain and sitting on giant granite boulders.

Or it may be just the opportunity to watch […]

A Day at the Park

This afternoon Elizabeth and i set out to go to the park. We has a specific plan, go to the park and walk to the top of Mt. Rubidoux. As it turned out, we did not feel up to doing the extra walking. There were swings to swing on.

There were slides to be […]

Eliza and Elizabeth

This evening I stopped by to pick up Elizabeth for a Grandpa Granddaughter date. I walked over to her house and then we walked downtown. We went to Antonious Pizza and purchased a couple of slices of pizza. After pizza we walked the downtown plaza. I thought I would get a shot of Elizabeth on […]

Kale to Climbing

This evening started in the garden doing a little weeding, picking some zucchini and kale. Elizabeth pointed out the zucchini that was ready to be picked, as one of my plants has yellow zucchini and they are easy to see.

When it was time to wash the kale, Elizabeth was there for the water as […]

Elizabeth and Pom Pom

Elizabeth like the wow-wow’s. Or should I say small furry animals called by the name of dog. She had an opportunity to interact with Scott’ new dog, Pom Pom, a male Pomeranian. I do not know that Scott would get an award for the most original name for a dog. However, it is a name […]

Show and Go

Today was the Show and Go car show. There were lots of great cars. Jacob and I met Emily and Elizabeth downtown to walk around and look at the cars. The tradition is to walk to the other end of downtown and get lunch at Carl’s and then walk back home.

On our way back […]