February 2018
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Sailing and Geocaching

As Eric contemplated his date tonight, I started the day with a brisk walk around the lakes at Fairmont Park. It was a brisk walk of 1.66 miles at 5.2 miles per hour. On my walk I was passing a man who had a fish on and he asked me to get his needle nose […]

Easter Egg Hunt - Geocaching Style

I picked Jacob up this afternoon and asked him if he would like to go on an Easter egg hunt. He said sure. We traveled to Jack Rabbit Trail off the 60 Freeway. When I made the turn off the freeway he gave me the look of, what type of Easter egg hunt were you […]

Geocaching the Trail of Terror - Part II

If I remember right, it seems like most horror films have some continuation to them, so it is with Geocaching the Trail of Terror. This evening as it began to drizzle, I felt that it was timely to grab this cache. As we walked towards this cache, we stopped briefly to see if we could […]

Geocaching the Trail of Terror

Every year for the past several years a geocacher by the name of HaZzMaTt places a trail of caches by the bike trail next to the Santa Ana River. This yearly event is known as the Trail of Terror. Jacob and I try to get out and grab some of the caches via bicycles. We […]

Apples, Oak Glen and Geocaching

Today Janet and I planned to visit Oak Glen and go to lunch. This trip was also a Geocaching adventure. The first cache was “Nothing to do with Websters Adams Apple,” GCP2T7. This was the first cache of several. We passed it twice while Janet honed her navigation skills. After a couple of caches, she […]

On Target – Geocaching and Mirrors

This past Friday afternoon I picked up Jacob for a Boy Scout overnight campout. We traveled to Blue Jay Campground in the Cleveland National Forest. It is at a mere 3400’ and it was hot. We were going to be cooking foil diners once there were coals to cook on. That required a fire to […]

Fishing is not Catching

Today started early when we left home about 6:00 AM to go fishing. Jacob and Eric got out of bed and were dressed on time. We were headed to Jenks Lake in the San Bernardino Forest. The sky was clear and the fragrance of the pine trees was sitting in the air was a nice […]

Mt. Baden Powell

Having heard about the 4 mile hike up with an elevation gain of 2803 feet, I never rushed out to do it. The Boy Scouts were going on an overnight campout and going to hike the Mt. Baden Powell the next day. I beguiled Jacob by telling him we were going camping and then going […]

Road Trip with a little Geocaching – Democrat Headquarters

Democrat Headquarters

We had a nice trip from Oakdale to home. We did a little geocaching along the way. One of my favorites was Democrat Headquarters. Just down from their headquarters we picked up fresh cherries, apricots and blueberries. Then it was off to Walmart for ice and an ice chest. Geocaching and fresh […]

Road Trip with some Geocaching – Day 2

In Oakland with the bay behind us

Today we found ourselves in Oakland for a wedding. We also had time to walk across the parking lot for a virtual geocache. After the wedding and before the reception I bagged some geocaches around Oakdale while Janet took a nap.


Road Trip with some Geocaching

On our trip to Oakdale, we did a little geocaching along the way. We made a quick stop at Kraamer Junction to grab one hidden at Kramer Junction. I figured that there would be one hiding there. When we passed the county line into Kern County, I wanted to get another one. I saw LA […]

Geocaching on Mt. Rubidoux

Jacob climbing rocks on Mt. Rubidoux while geocaching

For several weeks Jacob and I talked about Geocaching on Mt. Rubidoux. Today was finally the day. We started up the down road and quickly found cache GCZ1GD – Monsters in the Bushes. Then we headed for GCZ1GK – Vulture’s Hideout. I thought I was going […]