January 2018
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Birthday Wishes

It is that time in my life where I get to be taken out to dinner for my birthday. We do not want to burden the children with the cost of dinner so we do everything we can to make sure we get the check. We talked to the restaurant and made sure that the […]

Elizabeth Turns Three

Another year has passed in the life of young Elizabeth. It has been a fun year. As for her birthday, it started out with ice cream cake.

From there we needed to work of the cake and ice cream with a little game of put the carrot on the face of Olaf. It […]

Mt. San Jacinto

It was time for the July Operation On-Target and due to a large fire that closed the trailhead that I normally use, I chose a different mountain. I also had the opportunity to take my nephew Corry along.

We started little later than I wanted so did not stop for lunch. We did stop […]

Happy Mothers Day

It is a good day to wish mom Happy Mothers Day. She raised four boys and survived. Her boys survived as well. For the boys there was a few car crashes. Jumping off the roof of the garage into the pool. Sighting of rifles from the kitchen down the long hall. Yes, one of the […]

Día de los Muertos

For some reason we find ourselves attending Día de los Muertos the past few years. For a description of the holiday go here. Perhaps it is because it is in walking distance from home. As Jacob, Elizabeth and I walked through the crowds, we stopped to see the dancers. Elizabeth really enjoyed watching them. Her […]

Minnie Mouse and Mom

This evening we had a Halloween get together known as a Trunk or Treat at the church. It was a fun evening. It appeared that Elizabeth had a great time.

There was also a chili cook-off that was going to be judged. Never entering anything in the event, I started with a basic […]

First Time Sailor

Tonight was Thursday Night sailing at Lake Evans for the volunteers and former students. I have not been sailing in several months, so I wanted to get out on the water. However, tonight I had a sailing partner and crew on shore.

Janet was on shore to take pictures as Elizabeth and I […]

Father's Day - 2014

Another year has passed and another Fathers Day is already here. As I am sitting here eating leftover pizza this morning I contemplate Father’s Day. The pizza is from last night when Jacob and I went out to dinner. We had a good day yesterday going on a hike and then to dinner. Even after […]

Walter Graduates

Tonight Walter graduated from Riverside City College. It was a great occasion for the family. Walter’s mother, sisters and family friends were at the graduation.

The ceremony was good and soon it was over. Someone, (looks like Walter) caught a picture of Walter, Emily and Elizabeth.


Monday Night Downtown

Due to the large crowd on Sunday night, we decided we would make another run at it on Monday night. Tonight it is Elizabeth, Emily and myself. The crowds were extremely light as the sun was just going down when we arrived. We had time to take a picture, Emily, Elizabeth and myself. Or should […]

Fun with Elizabeth

This past weekend I got to spend some extra time with Elizabeth. There were several things on the to-do list. We cleaned up the garden, raked leaves, added organic material to the garden boxes and turned the soil over. This was all in preparation for planting the onions.

Last week we planted broccoli, […]

Oak Glen - Hiking and Geocaching

Today Janet and I went to Oak Glen for her birthday. We had the opportunity to take Elizabeth along. I though it would be great fun. We ended up at Los Rios Ranchos for lunch, apple cider and a little bluegrass music. Lunch was good. Elizabeth especially liked grandma’s apple cider over the water that […]

Celebration of a Year

Today was the appointed day to celebrate the year mark for Elizabeth. There were many activities for the youngsters. There were three young people between the ages of 12 and 13 months old. They played see if we can catch Stevie the dog as well as sat and played in two different pools. One pool […]

Brothers and Pizza

Today we traveled several miles. One of the highlights was Pizza at Heap’s Brick Oven Pizza. It was good fun to catch up on the happenings of my brothers and their children.

Monroe Mountain Geocaching

Today we started out on a geocaching adventure. The first stop was in the town of Monroe Utah for a geocache called Monroe Creamery. When I was a little boy I remember going to the creamery in Monroe. My grandfather gave me a tour. I remember a large boiler because it had fire in it. […]