February 2018
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Monroe Mountain Geocaching

Today we started out on a geocaching adventure. The first stop was in the town of Monroe Utah for a geocache called Monroe Creamery. When I was a little boy I remember going to the creamery in Monroe. My grandfather gave me a tour. I remember a large boiler because it had fire in it. […]

The Yin and Yang Perspective

I have given the concept of Yin and Yang thought throughout my lifetime. A little mediation on the idea of seemingly opposite or contrary forces which are interconnected and interdependent within our world has been fairly though provoking. Light and dark, fire and water, hot and cold, male and female, life and death as well […]

Birthday - Walter gets older

Tonight we celebrated Walters birthday with a barbeque and friends. It was a lot of fun. There were some youngsters that tasted the snap peas off the plant and kept going back for more. Who would have thought, youngsters spontaneously eating vegetables.

Of course we needed a picture of the birthday boy, his lovely wife […]

Death Valley - Geocaching and Fun

Jacob and I started on a three day trip where we were going to meet up with his Venturing Crew on their way to Death Valley. We wanted to grab a few geocaches along the way as well. Inside the park, geocache containers are not allowed. However, there are “Virtual” geocaches as well as Earthcaches. […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Got up, fixed a wonderful family breakfast of biscuits, old fashioned sourdough pancakes, bacon (3 lbs.), and sausage. We had milk and orange juice to drink. Of course there was jams and jellies along with the butter, real maple syrup as well as the fake stuff. It […]

Range Day

Today was a holiday so I decided it was a good day to go to the range. It has been several years ago when I went to the rage with Scott, my oldest son. He has never shot handguns before so we took a few to try out. He started with the Ruger MK III […]

Dia de Los Muertos

I have to admit that I have never heard of Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead Celebration), or at least never understood what it was all about. As for the setup of the evening, on Thursday evening Janet and I were out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Zacatecas. Our waitress […]

Green House Gasses

It was a pleasant surprise when I cam home tonight to find the children were creating green house gasses in honor that global warming stopped 16 years ago.

Of course there was a haze in the kitchen due to the making of french fries. The haze was promptly transported outside along with the […]

Hiking for Fall - Aspen Groves

For several years now I have wanted to visit the Aspen Groves where quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) could be found in the San Gorgonio Wilderness. Should I say, for almost 20 years. Many years ago we visited the ranger station to get a day hike permit. There were no more permits for Aspen Grove so […]

Happy Birthday Emily

My little girl turned 23 today. This year has been a big year for her as she is now a mom. It is amazing how fast they grow up. I took some time and made a card covered with pictures from the past.

Mt Rubidoux – Sunset

Tonight Emily, Elizabeth and I went out for a walk. The goal was to make it to what I call the windy place. As you go up the down road, you reach a point where you are on the west side of the small mountain. I always liked to stop there because it is one […]


This afternoon the my grand daughter Elizabeth took me to lunch. Of course, Janet, Emily and her husband Walter, Eric and his friend Alisha as well as Scott came along. Someone always seems to be missing from the picture so I did a quick stitch job to get everyone in.


September 11

As I took a moment to remember this day in 2001, I thought of my shot drive to work where I listened to the radio in disbelief of what was happening. It still feels like something changed that day. Today I also thought of the opportunity I had to touch a piece of steel from […]

Great Grandma

As I walk down the hall at work, I occasionally hear the words, grandpa. A few of my coworkers get a chuckle out of calling me grandpa. Many of my coworkers are the same age as myself, plus or minus five years. In reality, several of them could be grandpa without much of a problem.


Sailing and Food

Jacob and I went the the Thursday evening sail with the Riverside Community Sailing Program. Eric tagged along because he heard that there was food. Emily wanted to go sailing so she showed up later with Walter, her husband. Scott happened to come along, because there was going to be food. Nonetheless, all four children […]