January 2018
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Forsee Creek Trail

Today we hiked up the Forsee Creek Trail to Jackstraw Springs. There were several wildflowers blooming along the way. We tried to take pictures. However, the plant seems to always be in focus and the wildflower standing above the plant is out of focus. There always seems to be some type of challenge in life. […]

Jacob Graduates

Tonight was the Graduation for Beaumont High School in Southern California. Jacob, our youngest in now officially graduated from high school. The school sits in an area between Mt San Gorgonio as seen as a grey rocky peak in the left side of the photo with an elevation of 11,503 feet.

Mt. San Gorgonio


Snake and Lizard

Tonight Scott, my oldest son and I went hiking up the familiar Two Trees trail. We continued up the spring trail and while taking a quick break, Scott climbed out on some rocks. It looked like a good opportunity for a picture so I took one.

While out hiking back down the Two Trees […]

Box Springs Hike

Today Emily and I went for a 3.5 mile hike. This was the first time we hiked in probably two years. It was fun to get out hiking with Emily. They day was a beautiful day. The sycamore trees are already starting to have hew green growth. One would think spring is here.

Problem […]

Mecca Hills Painted Canyon / Ladder Canyon Hike

Early this morning Jacob and myself made our way out to the desert. It is officially Jacobs eighteenth birthday and we were going to be hiking in the Mecca Hills. The Mecca Hills were formed by the convergence of the North American Plate and the Pacific Plate along the San Andreas Fault. It sounded like […]

Jacob passes Eagle Scout Board of Review

Tonight Jacob passed his Eagle Scout Board of Review. I failed to get a picture of him in his uniform and did not remember until I was taking him home. He did well on with the Board of Review. As for getting there, we met a park this past Saturday so that he could finish […]

Monday Night Downtown

Due to the large crowd on Sunday night, we decided we would make another run at it on Monday night. Tonight it is Elizabeth, Emily and myself. The crowds were extremely light as the sun was just going down when we arrived. We had time to take a picture, Emily, Elizabeth and myself. Or should […]

Jacob Ran

Today I took off work early to see Jacob run his last Cross Country race in High School. First, I thought I would get an early start so I could be sure to make it there before what I thought his race time was. I had checked the schedule on the schools web site.

I […]

Sriracha or Not

Tonight for dinner I heated up the last of my home made black beans. Added some brown rice and yesterdays stir fry of onions, red bell peppers, a red jalapeno pepper and small cubes of zucchini. I placed the mixture in a large 12″ flour tortilla and spread some grated sharp cheddar cheese on top. […]

National Honor Society - Jacob

A few months ago Jacob was asking me questions on dates he provided leadership in scouting. We also talked about the service that he had done over time. He really did not elaborate on what he was filling out.

Tonight I went to a program for the National Honor Society (NHS) at Beaumont High School. […]

Hiking for Fall - Aspen Groves

Scott wanted to go hiking with me to the Aspen Groves again this year. We went last year the night before snow was to arrive. Today was the day as tomorrow night, snow is supposed to arrive. With snow comes wind and both tend to make fall leaves fall.

As we traveled up the highway […]

Long Canyon Creek to Blackrock Trailhead

We made the decision last night to get up early today. About 2:00 am it rained for a while. About 5:00 am it began to sprinkle. I was thinking of the best way to pack and keep things dry. Water on tents and other things just adds weight.

Just after 5:30 am it stooped sprinkling […]

Indian Head

After a fairly good night sleep it was time to get up. I have always enjoyed the mornings as there is a certain peace in the forest before others are up and around. After going to Philmont Scout Ranch a couple of years ago, Jacob and I learned to keep our backpacks away from where […]

Casa Vieja Meadows to Long Canyon Creek

I wanted to catch the sunrise and did not think to set an alarm on my phone. I have learned to put my phone in airplane mode and the battery will last a couple of days taking pictures, using a GPS application as well as checking my sunrise and sunset application. It was nice to […]

Road Trip - errands before fun - Sierra Nevada Mountains

Today is the day that Jacob and I are heading to the Golden Trout Wilderness in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. First thing on agenda for the day was to pick up the recycling for the Beaumont Cross Country team at 6:30 AM at Jacobs residence. After the pick up it was off to Walmart for […]