January 2018
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Out for a hike today and took some pictures of flowers.


Box Springs

As the temperature is cooling off it is nice to see and we still have some flowers due to the little moisture that we have had.

Box Springs Mountain

It was going to be in double digits in the afternoon so I started early on a Saturday morning hike. The recent rains have produced a little greening up of the hills as the grass begins to come back from a long and toasty summer.

I was surprised by what looked like a dry bush […]

Beating the Heat on Box Springs Mountain

I do not know about beating the heat because it was rather warm. Of course we started early and were at the Two Trees trailhead before seven. The other advantage is we start hiking up the trail on the west side of the mountain which is shaded early in the morning.

As it has […]

Hazy Hike - Operation On Target Workshop

Today I took a little time to hike up to high point on Box Springs Mountains to flash a mirror at some Varsity Scouts that were at the Operation On Target workshop. Each one of the youth got to make their own signal mirror.

The Scouts successfully signaled me on the mountain. I did […]

Hiking Again

It seems like all I post about is hiking. Then again, it is what I do most Saturday mornings. Today’s hike was much faster as I did not have Elizabeth on my back. I averaged a mile in 22 minutes rather that the 27 minutes per mile this past Tuesday. I also took several pictures. […]

Wakeup for Wildlife

Last night I went to bed at the usual time for the work week even though I had the day off. The plan was to take Elizabeth on a hike with me. When she got to the house this morning it was obvious that she was tired. She did not want to go to bed […]

Tracks in the Sand

This morning I hiked up in the Box Springs Mountain Park. I tried to get an early start as it was going to make it to 90 degrees in Riverside today. It was cool on the way up, but as the sun beat down on me it became warm.

As for the wildlife, I did […]

Box Springs and the Wild Side

I was out for a morning hike today, I went up the Two Trees trail in fairly good time. I then headed towards the Spring Trail trail and soon enough I stopped in my tracks. I was not sure what to do. I did not see sharp teeth or claws. Just a pair of rather […]

Morning Hike

Fall seemed to be in the air as it was not blazing hot by eight. The sycamore trees have changed color. I am not sure if it is because of fall or that is has been so hot and dry. My hike in Box Springs Mountain Park was nice. There was a lot to do […]

Box Springs Morning

Today I tried to get out of the house early and beat the heat. It was early, however, the sun was already up in the sky. At lease the air seemed relatively cool. Then again, the weather showed 80 percent humidity with a temperature in the upper 60’s. I know that would not last long […]

Box Springs in the Heat

Soon I will be climbing Mt. San Gorgonio so I need to stay in shape. It has been hot and my desire to stay in where it is cool is greater than my desire to go out and hike up a mountain. This afternoon I forced myself out of the house. The outside temperature was […]

Snake and Lizard

Tonight Scott, my oldest son and I went hiking up the familiar Two Trees trail. We continued up the spring trail and while taking a quick break, Scott climbed out on some rocks. It looked like a good opportunity for a picture so I took one.

While out hiking back down the Two Trees […]

Sunset from Box Springs Mountain Park

Some evenings I am quicker up and down the trail. Others I am moving a little slower and get to enjoy the sunset. Tonight was one of those nights. There was a cool breeze out and the beautifully painted sky was a nice break from the concrete jungle.


Box Springs Evening

Tonight was another evening hike in the Box Springs Mountain Park. The weather has been warm so I try to start a little later in the evening. Of course the sun goes down while I am out. However, tonight I received a little help from the moon. The evening air cooled down and there was […]