June 2015
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Regatta 2015

For the past six years the Riverside Community Sailing Program has hosted the Mayor and City Council Regatta for the City of Riverside. Today was year Seven. All went well. I only have two pictures of the event. I am tired and happy that it is over. It is time to rest and soon enough […]

Sailing with Emily

It was a warm day and I wanted to get out of the house. I looked and Emily and we thought about a walk. It was a little warm for that. How about sailing was the next thought. So it was off to the lake for a evening of sailing. The breeze was cool and […]


Every year I let a volunteer sunflower come up in the backyard. It grow about 8 feet tall and is covered with sunflowers. This year I let two come up. One grew up tall and the other one laid over in the parking area. The one that was close to the ground gave Elizabeth and […]

A Hot 102

Today was hot. As I was headed home two neighboring communities were at 104 degrees. Riverside only hit 102. I still did a little work in the garden tonight as the sun was setting. As for today, the chocolate ice cream after dinner was the highlight. As for tomorrow, the forecast is for 90 degrees […]

Hazy Hike - Operation On Target Workshop

Today I took a little time to hike up to high point on Box Springs Mountains to flash a mirror at some Varsity Scouts that were at the Operation On Target workshop. Each one of the youth got to make their own signal mirror.

The Scouts successfully signaled me on the mountain. I did […]