May 2015
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A Bear of a Good Hike

Last year in the month of May I hiked almost 90 miles. This year in the month of may I cot close to 20 with this hike. It was tough as I was not in shape. We started out early leaving the house at 5:00. We were at the trailhead of the San Bernardino trail […]

Flower on a Mountain

Took a little walk tonight looking for the sunset. On the way up Mt. Rubidoux, I came across a nice flower.

I hiked a little further and I happened upon another one of natures beautiful creations.

I bet she would say that she is a princess if you ask her. The princess of […]

Where is the Princess

Elizabeth and I got to spend some time together today. We were in the back yard doing yard work when I thought, Elizabeth may want something different to do. I went to the garage and got out the log cabin tote and sat down with her and played for a while.

I remember building […]

Happy Mothers Day

It is a good day to wish mom Happy Mothers Day. She raised four boys and survived. Her boys survived as well. For the boys there was a few car crashes. Jumping off the roof of the garage into the pool. Sighting of rifles from the kitchen down the long hall. Yes, one of the […]

Route 395 - A Place to Drive

This weekend was the 2015 Show and Go. Tradition is to walk from home a couple of blocks to to where the Show and Go is every year. We then walk to Carl’s, which is on the route, for lunch. Today the choice was Clark’s Nutrition for and ice cream sandwich. I just thought I […]