April 2015
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The Animals

We let Elizabeth know that we were going to see some turkeys, chickens and lamas also known as the animals at my brothers house. She was excited to see them. However, when she actually saw them, she treated them like aliens. then again, how often to young children come face to face with large feathered […]

Joseph's Coat

Several years ago I planted a climbing rose along the fence in the backyard. The years I take more care in pruning it during the winter, the showier it is in the spring. Of course, the name of the rose plant is Joseph’s Coat. The flowers change their color through the progression of each blooms […]

Light Blogging

I really have not been in the mood to blog as much. There is this tube of stuff I have been putting on my face. It has not been pleasant. However, if you get too much sunlight over several years, it becomes the the thing you need to do.


Spring is showing

Every year I have volunteer sunflowers come up in the backyard. I usually thin the crop out to one or two plants. The birds love the seeds and it is nice to have sunny little flowers in the back yard. It lets me know spring is here.