November 2014
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Hiking Again

It seems like all I post about is hiking. Then again, it is what I do most Saturday mornings. Today’s hike was much faster as I did not have Elizabeth on my back. I averaged a mile in 22 minutes rather that the 27 minutes per mile this past Tuesday. I also took several pictures. Grasses are coming up and some plants that have lost their leaves are showing spring growth.


On the way back down I stopped to talk to a older gentleman that I have seen the past few times hiking. We talked about the trails that I take as he has not gone around the park as extensively as I have. He wears denim shorts and a cotton shirt which are not really something you would find at a sporting goods store for hiking or backpacking. I hike with hiking sticks and he has a single wooden staff. Today he asked me my age and I replied 53. He proceed to tell me he was 72. He also told me how far he made it last Saturday and his knees and ankles swelled up on him for two days. Then he responded, “Couch potatoes do not live as long.”


The reason I hike is to stay in shape and try to keep healthy. Whether I have Elizabeth on my back or not, being in the outdoors is always a good thing. Additionally, couch potatoes do not live as long.

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