November 2014
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Cold Springs or Frozen Flakes

We traveled to Cold Springs in the western sierras north of Yosemite to spend the night with relatives in their cabin. When I got up and put my things in the truck, it was 39 degrees and drizzly with cloudy a sky. By the time my sweetheart got up and had her thing packed for my to put in the truck it was 34 and snowing. By the time we left, it had put another inch or two on the ground.

We made it about halfway out before coming to a point of not being able to go forward. The grade up and out of Cold Springs was a little steep for a vehicle on wet snow. The only remedy was to go back to the cabin and get a little assistance from a 4 wheel drive truck and a tow cable.


Once we were on the main highway, it was plowed and clear sailing at “about” 25 miles per hour, the posted speed with the “chains required” sign below the speed limit sign. I think California is one of the only places that the state wants you to put chains on while driving on a nicely plowed road. Then again, there are those drivers in California that have never driven or seldom drive in the snow. Better to keep them safe and annoy the others.

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