November 2014
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Cold Springs or Frozen Flakes

We traveled to Cold Springs in the western sierras north of Yosemite to spend the night with relatives in their cabin. When I got up and put my things in the truck, it was 39 degrees and drizzly with cloudy a sky. By the time my sweetheart got up and had her thing packed for […]

Sourdough Sam and the Brick Oven

When you go to a Christmas Craft and Music Festival you never know what you will find. There were plenty of crafts at the 40th Sonora Christmas Craft and Music Festival at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds in Sonora, CA.

As for the things that I thought was the most unique, the thing that topped my […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Elizabeth and I had a little fun making hand turkeys. Perhaps next year she will really understand Thanksgiving better and know what a turkey looks like.

Hiking Again

It seems like all I post about is hiking. Then again, it is what I do most Saturday mornings. Today’s hike was much faster as I did not have Elizabeth on my back. I averaged a mile in 22 minutes rather that the 27 minutes per mile this past Tuesday. I also took several pictures. […]

Wakeup for Wildlife

Last night I went to bed at the usual time for the work week even though I had the day off. The plan was to take Elizabeth on a hike with me. When she got to the house this morning it was obvious that she was tired. She did not want to go to bed […]

Tracks in the Sand

This morning I hiked up in the Box Springs Mountain Park. I tried to get an early start as it was going to make it to 90 degrees in Riverside today. It was cool on the way up, but as the sun beat down on me it became warm.

As for the wildlife, I did […]

Día de los Muertos

For some reason we find ourselves attending Día de los Muertos the past few years. For a description of the holiday go here. Perhaps it is because it is in walking distance from home. As Jacob, Elizabeth and I walked through the crowds, we stopped to see the dancers. Elizabeth really enjoyed watching them. Her […]