September 2014
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Running from the Heat

Today Elizabeth and I went on a road trip to Idyllwild to help get some GPS coordinates for a scouting event. We had fun walking around the forest talking about big oak trees and baby oak trees or big cedar trees and baby cedar trees.

Elizabeth was a good sport. Once she got in the tire the only thing she could think about was swinging around. Little did she know, we needed to move on to get more points for the event.


She had her first encounter that I know of with a cedar log bridge. She was not too sure about it. Walking on logs with a curve above the ground was perfect opportunity to hold grandpas hand. She wanted to be put on three and four foot high rocks. No problem. However, a log bridge was not her cup of tea.


She enjoyed setting in the big oak tree. She did have fun throwing the little sticks that she found on the huge limb of the tree. This tree experience was a lot better than the last time I put her in a tree. This time she looked like she was having fun.


Our trip to the mountain was a lot cooler this morning than what it was going to be like down in the valley. However, about 5 this evening, when it was still over 100 degrees, we went out for some pizza. One of my favorite things is to run through the water feature downtown. So after pizza, we walked about 50 feet and I walked through the streams of water. You know, the ones that come up here or there and change all the time. Last time Elizabeth would just run around the area not getting wet. However, tonight it was hat and she went for it. We both got caught in a bad place and got a little wet.


Then again, there is nothing better than some water on a hot summer evening. Overall, it was another great day.

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