August 2014
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Sailing with Elizabeth

Tonight was our last summer sailing event. It is a signal the the summer will be over soon. I knew I would have to take advantage to the event and get on the water with Elizabeth. As we were getting ready to leave, she grabbed her life jacket and said, “wa wa” as an indication that we were going to the water.

We arrived and put on our life jackets and picked out a sailboat. We took it to the dock, placed it in the water and got ready to board the small vessel. Soon enough we were out on the water.


We sailed around for a while. she really enjoys it when the wind blows harder and we pick up speed. She also likes saying hello to the other boats.


Trying to keep control of the boat while taking my phone out of the protective ziplock bag and take a picture is always a challenge. Then trying to get a picture with a smile is sometimes a little more difficult. We were smiling back and forth and making faces as I clicked pictures. I always s seemed to be slow and miss the smile.


Knowing Elizabeth, she wanted to touch the sheet, the line used to adjust a sail against the force of the wind. Pretty soon she was in the back of the boat with me demanding that she take hold of the tiller. I let here put her hand on the tiller and she thought she was promoted from two year old to admiral by the smile she had on her face.

We will have to get back out on the lake soon. I also think swimming lessons are in order. Of course then she will want her own boat.

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