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Philmont – Day 9 – Beaubien – Black Mountain

We woke up early today. However, we did not need to pack up to go to a new campsite. However, we did need to be at the corral at 7:45 for our horse rides. The horse ride was nice because we got to see parts of Philmont that one normally gets to see. The ride was going to last an hour and a half so we were going to be on the horses for awhile.

Beaubien Corral

When we were headed back to the corral, I got a picture of the horses that had the morning off.

Once we were back at the corral, I got off the horse and my legs were not the same as when I started. I thought, I am going to hike to Black Mountain Camp three miles away on these legs? After walking around for a few minutes my legs felt better. No problem with going on the hike. Soon enough we then started our day hike.

When we arrived at Black Mountain Camp we checked in and set up shooting after lunch. We ate our lunch and listened to the three staff members at the camp. As the camp is a little isolated, it appeared that they were suffering from some sort of symptom of that isolation. Then again, the theme of the camp was during the Civil war era and we were going to be shooting. It could have been a backwoods theme.
As for the shooting, it was black powder in the caliber of .58. The rifle seemed to be extremely accurate at the distance we were shooting. The triggers were also much better than the last muzzle loader that we fired.

Black Mountain Rifle Range

As it was one of the young men’s birthday, the camp staff helped him celebrate with a few more grains of powder and a slice of cheesecake.

Black Mountain Cheesecake

The only other thing that any young man would want to do on their birthday is wear a mask from a deer pelvis. I think the staff at the camp wore off on him. Either that or the cheese cake was special.

Black Mountain Deer Pelvis Mask

We then hiked back to our campsite. The adults took a shower, an unheated shower. It was a wonderful thing. It was also a chance to do a little laundry. Where do you hang your laundry when there is a chance of rain? You hang it under the dining fly. It is also were you play cards.

The adults decided to leave while the youth prepared dinner. They had prepared dinner several times and we thought no problem. After relaxing for a time, a couple of young men arrived at the staff cabin to tell us that we were needed in camp. Apparently the stove was not working as intended and a stump was caught on fire. As I remember, the words were, “They had a problem and they lit a stump on fire. The fire is out. We just need help with the stove.” Needless to say we returned to camp, the stove lit right up and dinner was then in process.

After dinner the adults returned to the staff cabin for cookies. The young men came after they had cleaned up to play some horseshoes. Other youth from other crews tried roping a stump or the metal steer.

Soon enough it was time to go to the campfire. Tonight we were a little early so we got a front row seat as opposed to the last row the night before. The campfire was good. After the campfire we quickly retired as tomorrow was going to be a early day with a long trail ahead of us.

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