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Philmont – Day 5 – Sawmill

There was lots of rain last night. For a few hours there was plenty of thunder and lightning with real heavy rain. We were greeted with a cloudy sky and it seemed like nothing was dry. We struck camp quickly and headed to the trail.

On the way we stopped by the Staff Cabin to check out. The Crew Leader checked on the best way to make it to Sawmill. Their suggestion was not on our map. It included the road by the shower house, which was also not on the map. From there, the road would lead straight into a trail that would take us to a junction where we would catch the trail up Sawmill Canyon.

We made it to the junction and started up Sawmill Canyon. The sun was nowhere to be seen and it was still damp out. On the other hand, the trail was a nice trail.

As we made it further up the trail we passed several areas with wildflowers, like the Mexican Hat. There was also plenty of water running down Sawmill Canyon. If it was not so cold and wet, a drink out of a cold stream could sound good.

We reached another trail junction and checked our location. You can line young men up at a trail junction. However, when you get out the camera and they see you, they hide their faces.

There were more wildflowers as we continued up the trail.

We came to a familiar location so we took a picture. In 2011 this is the place we stopped when one of the young men noticed that they had a blister on one of their toes. At least when I say this one in for mom, smile, they cooperate.

We arrived at Sawmill and had our porch talk. We ate lunch, put up our bear bags, and set up camp before our 2:00 appointment to reload .30-06 cartridges for the range. After reloading cartridges, because it was real cloudy and due to safety issues on the range we were to wait for it to be clearer before shooting. We went back to the porch where the adults sat in rocking chairs and the youth played some war game with playing cards.

Almost two hours later, we got the all clear and headed to the range. Everything was wet. The clouds that were blowing through were so laden with moisture that they dropped it everywhere. As the clouds could travel under roofs, the moisture was on all surfaces. We really did not care about the water. We had our raingear on and the powder was dry, so bang the firearms went.

After the range we went back to camp to cook diner. It was a wet and cold evening. Everyone found a place under the dining fly. Some more comfortable than others and as usual, some were shy about being photographed.

When dinner was finished, the adults headed back down to the staff cabin for “Scoutmaster Coffee” where I consume cookies and the other adult drinks hot apple cider or chocolate. This evening from the porch we were treated with a double rainbow. The one rainbow could be seen from end to end. Soon enough we were made our way back uphill to our campsite.


As for miracles for the day, we made it to Sawmill and I felt a lot better than I did in 2011. The weather on the trail was good as compared to what it was like once we arrived. We did not have any thunder and lightning as I loath the lightning position. It is tough on knees. I think the youth did great. Perhaps they have personal miracles. The can share those with their parents.

As for the flora, there was plenty. Not much that I could identify. The first one is New Mexico Vervian. There was also a good helping of mushrooms to see on the trail.

Now comes the fungus section.

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