July 2014
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Philmont – Day 5 – Sawmill

There was lots of rain last night. For a few hours there was plenty of thunder and lightning with real heavy rain. We were greeted with a cloudy sky and it seemed like nothing was dry. We struck camp quickly and headed to the trail.

On the way we stopped by the Staff Cabin […]

Philmont – Day 4 – Cimarroncito

We were up early today as we wanted to get moving before we had any rain. The sunrise was on the edge of the meadow and it was nice to see some blue sky. It had rained last night, sometimes a little heavy.

After getting a few things done, we went on a meadow […]

Philmont - Day 3 - Deer Lake

We woke up to some blue sky which was good as it had rained a little overnight.

We finished up more training and prepared to travel to Harlan. Things were damp like the dining fly and our tents.

Once on the trail, we were back at the Vaca meadow where we got […]

Philmont – Day 2 – Vaca

Today we got up early and got ready to get to the Welcome Center to wait for our bus to the trailhead. At 9:10 we were loading our packs on the bus and waiting for the adventure to begin. I tried to get a picture and it appears that this group has a few that […]

Philmont – Day 1 – Base Camp

We arrived at Philmont Scout Ranch this morning and checked in. We met our Ranger, Chris from Texas. Our first task was to unpack the van and take our backpacks to the trail-bound tent area where we were assigned our tents. The young men did well as they learned the tasks they needed to accomplish […]

Philmont – More Journey

Today we got off to a good start down I-40 and headed to the Petrified Forest National Park. We started from the North side of the park and headed South. Our first stop was the Badlands and the Painted Desert Inn. There was a gentleman on vacation proudly wearing a t-shirt from a troop in […]

Philmont - The Journey Begins

This afternoon we gathered together the pack a minivan with backpacking gear so that we could make the trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.

Truth be told, I am writing this and the next several posts from my journal that I kept on the trek as well as the pictures that I […]

Operation On-Target - Mt. San Gorgonio

Today was the July Operation On-Target where scouts climb or drive to peaks and see if they can send mirror flashes from peak to peak. that the scouts do every year. The peak I usually climb to is Mt. San Gorgonio.

It was a great day for a hike to the top of San Gorgonio […]

Box Springs Morning

Today I tried to get out of the house early and beat the heat. It was early, however, the sun was already up in the sky. At lease the air seemed relatively cool. Then again, the weather showed 80 percent humidity with a temperature in the upper 60’s. I know that would not last long […]

Box Springs in the Heat

Soon I will be climbing Mt. San Gorgonio so I need to stay in shape. It has been hot and my desire to stay in where it is cool is greater than my desire to go out and hike up a mountain. This afternoon I forced myself out of the house. The outside temperature was […]

Independence Day – Range Style

A couple of days ago Eric called up and asked if we could go the the range on Independence Day. I told him I would think about it. Did I want to get up early to beat the heat and the crowd and go to the range or did I want to sleep in and […]