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Father's Day - 2014

Another year has passed and another Fathers Day is already here. As I am sitting here eating leftover pizza this morning I contemplate Father’s Day. The pizza is from last night when Jacob and I went out to dinner. We had a good day yesterday going on a hike and then to dinner. Even after a short 10 mile hike we still walked downtown to get the pizza. The important part is spending time together.

As with any Fathers Day, my attention turns to my father. He passed away a few days after father’s day five years ago. Additionally, my thoughts are also turned to Grandpa Rogers, who turned 100 shortly before his death. He passed away a couple of years ago.

I also think of John, the wonderful man married to my mother. Shortly after my father passed away, April, my step sister sent a sympathy card. In that card she let me and my brothers know that she had no problem sharing John with us as our father had passed. Sometimes in life you need someone to talk to that has lived in the world several years longer than you have and has gained wisdom and direction that is helpful to our journey on earth. John is that type of man, one who has wisdom and experience that can help with questions and direction. I am thankful to have him around.

Times for me have also changed. Not only am I a father, but also a grandfather. I love an adore Elizabeth, the granddaughter. We have fun together going on walks or playing at the park. It is a joy to see the twinkle in her eye and smile on her face as she journeys through life. With her being almost two, I also get to see the tears of sadness for getting hurt or the tears of disagreement over what I say and what she wants to do. If only she knew, joy and sadness are all part of life and they will continue with us our entire journey while here on earth.

One of my favorite pictures of dad.

And now some pictures and words from previous years Fathers Day posts with new pictures and commentary as the years go on:

In 2000 Scott was visiting his Great-grandfather Rogers and had a Christmas morning surprise, snow. He thought it would be fun to shovel a little snow.

In 2004 Scott was celebrating his November birthday with his Grandpa Shumway who was also born in November.

In 2004 Eric and Jacob get hugs from Grandpa Brown.

In 2005 Scott and I backpacked into John’s Meadow.

In 2006 Jacob and I went on a fishing trip to the headwaters of the Santa Ana River.

In 2008 Eric, Jacob and I took a little ride on horses in Southern Utah.

In 2009 Jacob and I were out Geocaching and I tried to get a picture of us. After a few tries I got Jacob to smile.

In 2010 Emily and I spent some time shooting air guns.

In 2010 Eric, Jacob and I visited Great-grandpa Rogers.

In 2011 Emily, Jacob and I took a hike up the San Bernardino trail in the San Bernardino Mountains.

2011 had lots of activities. Jacob and I hiked the tree tallest peaks in southern California and went to Philmont Scout Ranch for a 10 day trek in the Rocky Mountains in northern New Mexico. Have lots of pictures, and few of the two of us. Here is one on top of the Tooth of Time at Philmont.

A couple of years ago I stated that I needed to get better at getting myself in pictures with my children. There have not been enough of those. As I looked this morning I did not have many to choose from. I did find a picture of Jacob and I from January of last year at Death Valley. We had a great three day trip there with the scouts.


As for the granddaughter, the most recent of us is a selfie we took while riding a spring loaded grasshopper at the park. I guess that is what you do as a grandpa, ride spring loaded bouncy grasshoppers with the grand-kids.


We will have to see what next fathers day brings. Until then, Happy Father’s Day.

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