June 2014
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Dry Lake

This weekend I had the opportunity to go on an overnight backpacking trip to Dry Lake with some youth. This was a first time backpacking trip for a couple of the youth. One of the challenges was three of the five young men weighing in at under 115 pounds. Dry Lake was dry and so […]

Dry Lake

Tonight I am at Dry Lake in the San Gorgonio Wilderness enjoying the great outdoors. I can tell you what Dry Lake does not look like. I went there at the end of May in 2011, and Dry Lake was full of water. From what I hear now, it is not more than a mud […]

First Time Sailor

Tonight was Thursday Night sailing at Lake Evans for the volunteers and former students. I have not been sailing in several months, so I wanted to get out on the water. However, tonight I had a sailing partner and crew on shore.

Janet was on shore to take pictures as Elizabeth and I […]

1,999 and 199

Today is a day to possibly celebrate. When I started up the Wii this morning to weigh in, the Wii Fitness program announced that it was my 1,999 day to start that program. I have watched that number climb for a few years now. It seems a little scary that it has been almost five […]

Riverside Mayor and City Council Regatta – 2014

Today was the Riverside Mayor and City Council Regatta. Everything went well and the best I could tell, fun was had by all. There is a good write up inThe Press Enterprise

Riverside Mayor William “Rusty” Bailey takes a victory bath in Lake Evans with a little help from interim fire chief Mike […]

Out is In

This past Sunday, Jacob and I walked downtown and went to the Riverside Metropolitan Museum. We wandered around and viewed the exhibits. Upstairs they had a exhibit, John Muir & the Personal Experience with Nature.

Two things stood out there. A couple of quotes from John Muir and the illustrations of wildflowers. As for […]

Father's Day - 2014

Another year has passed and another Fathers Day is already here. As I am sitting here eating leftover pizza this morning I contemplate Father’s Day. The pizza is from last night when Jacob and I went out to dinner. We had a good day yesterday going on a hike and then to dinner. Even after […]

Forsee Creek Trail

Today we hiked up the Forsee Creek Trail to Jackstraw Springs. There were several wildflowers blooming along the way. We tried to take pictures. However, the plant seems to always be in focus and the wildflower standing above the plant is out of focus. There always seems to be some type of challenge in life. […]

Walter Graduates

Tonight Walter graduated from Riverside City College. It was a great occasion for the family. Walter’s mother, sisters and family friends were at the graduation.

The ceremony was good and soon it was over. Someone, (looks like Walter) caught a picture of Walter, Emily and Elizabeth.


Sunday Glow

There is nothing like a small young lady admiring the beauty in nature. It could be a flower that attracts her attention and draws her interest.

Then again, it may be the adventure of climbing a mountain and sitting on giant granite boulders.

Or it may be just the opportunity to watch […]

A Day at the Park

This afternoon Elizabeth and i set out to go to the park. We has a specific plan, go to the park and walk to the top of Mt. Rubidoux. As it turned out, we did not feel up to doing the extra walking. There were swings to swing on.

There were slides to be […]

San Bernardino Trail

This afternoon a few of us took off for the mountains to hike in cooler weather. Out choice for the simple six plus mile hike was going to be the San Bernardino Trail in the Mt. San Gorgonio Wilderness. We arrived at the trailhead about 4:30 in the afternoon.

As we started up the […]

Jacob Graduates

Tonight was the Graduation for Beaumont High School in Southern California. Jacob, our youngest in now officially graduated from high school. The school sits in an area between Mt San Gorgonio as seen as a grey rocky peak in the left side of the photo with an elevation of 11,503 feet.

Mt. San Gorgonio