May 2014
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Mt. San Jacinto - More gain = More pain

Two weeks ago I hiked to the top of Mt. San Jacinto. I thought I would do it again today. The last trip was 16 miles with an elevation gain of 4,400 feet. Today’s trip was 19 miles and an elevation gain of 5,500 feet.

It reminds me of a parable I was told years […]

Snake and Lizard

Tonight Scott, my oldest son and I went hiking up the familiar Two Trees trail. We continued up the spring trail and while taking a quick break, Scott climbed out on some rocks. It looked like a good opportunity for a picture so I took one.

While out hiking back down the Two Trees […]


Today was onion harvest day. Last year I put the onions in a place to cure that did not work well as the were hit by the hot sun for part of the day. This year I have built a small cloth tent over the table that they are curing. Then I will have a […]

Sunset from Box Springs Mountain Park

Some evenings I am quicker up and down the trail. Others I am moving a little slower and get to enjoy the sunset. Tonight was one of those nights. There was a cool breeze out and the beautifully painted sky was a nice break from the concrete jungle.


Eliza and Elizabeth

This evening I stopped by to pick up Elizabeth for a Grandpa Granddaughter date. I walked over to her house and then we walked downtown. We went to Antonious Pizza and purchased a couple of slices of pizza. After pizza we walked the downtown plaza. I thought I would get a shot of Elizabeth on […]

Kale to Climbing

This evening started in the garden doing a little weeding, picking some zucchini and kale. Elizabeth pointed out the zucchini that was ready to be picked, as one of my plants has yellow zucchini and they are easy to see.

When it was time to wash the kale, Elizabeth was there for the water as […]

Mt. San Jacinto

Today I had the opportunity to go on a hike to the top of Mt. San Jacinto. I have only been there one, using the tram and the ground was covered with snow. This time the hike would be further and have a lot more elevation gain as we would be hiking from Idyllwild rather […]

Box Springs Evening

Tonight was another evening hike in the Box Springs Mountain Park. The weather has been warm so I try to start a little later in the evening. Of course the sun goes down while I am out. However, tonight I received a little help from the moon. The evening air cooled down and there was […]

Hiking for Philmont

Tonight we started with one of our practice hikes for Philmont this summer. We all had backpacks on with some weight in them. We all moved uphill fairly quickly and made our return trip as the sun was setting.

Elizabeth and Pom Pom

Elizabeth like the wow-wow’s. Or should I say small furry animals called by the name of dog. She had an opportunity to interact with Scott’ new dog, Pom Pom, a male Pomeranian. I do not know that Scott would get an award for the most original name for a dog. However, it is a name […]

Box Springs Mountain Park Plants

As I hike in the Box Springs Mountain Park all the time, I decided to get to know the plants. Some have been easier than others. Poison Oak – Easy. That is one you should learn as a young Boy Scout. As for the others, some are easily looked up. Then there are those that […]

Show and Go

Today was the Show and Go car show. There were lots of great cars. Jacob and I met Emily and Elizabeth downtown to walk around and look at the cars. The tradition is to walk to the other end of downtown and get lunch at Carl’s and then walk back home.

On our way back […]

Box Springs Morning

Today I went for a quick hike up Box Springs with my backpack loaded with about 30 pounds. It was a slow first hour as I was climbing the first two miles. As I was slowly moving uphill I took a couple of pictures of plants that were in bloom.

Mimulus aurantiacus – Bush […]