March 2014
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Evening Walk

It was rather hot here today. The one time I checked the temperature it was 89 degrees and it is only the middle of March. The weather reports show late snowfall in the east. Frankly I would take a little snowfall here, or at least int he mountains with rain in the valleys. We need the moisture.

When it cooled off enough I grabbed Elizabeth and put her in the baby backpack and we were off. Just as we rounded the turn in the road overlooking the Santa Ana River, which is usually only a five to 6 foot wide stream, we caught the sunset. It was nice to see the glowing orange sky along with the cool breeze coming out of the west.


We like walking and looking for animals. Dogs are her favorite. She also like the birds. We have a place in the backyard that has water for the birds. They will land to get a drink and Elizabeth will try to sneak up on them. She will walk away and in a few minutes there will be another bird to sneak up on.

It is all part of learning and growing. As we walk I sing the ABC song and count. One of her favorites is when I count with the number that flash to tell you that you need to hurry as they count down at a crosswalk.

All the fun is just part of an evening walk.

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