March 2014
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Evening Ride

It was another nice evening so I went for a walk and Elizabeth got to ride. I thought about the typical 2.2 mile loop that I do. However, it was just to nice of an evening to not go further. We decided to drop down to the bike path and march on. Last time we did that we saw some fire trucks as there was a small fire in the river


We soon made it to the other side of Mission Boulevard and walked past Carlson Dog Park. Elizabeth likes to watch the dogs as we pass by. We have been working on saying dog rather than wow-wow. Of course wow-wow is cuter, but she also calls horses wow-wows. From the west end of the dog park we eyed our objective.


Last time we hiked this way, we went across the trail on the north side and did not go up to the top. It seemed a little more difficult going up. I took the trail up several days ago without a passenger and it was easier. Go figure.

Once we reached the top by the flag pole we took a couple of pictures.



We then made our way off the east side on the 9th street trail and back downtown. As we walked in front of the Fox Theater, a youthful type said, “Hey, you got something on your back.” I replied, “I do?” I looked and stated, “Oh, this is going to cost me some money.” The group of young men looked at me with a slight blank stare. I then stated, “She is going to be a teenager some day” and walked off. As for now, she is just taking me for a ride . . .

As for the walk, it was 4.71 miles in one hour and 29 minutes with a whole 600 feet of elevation gain. That is 3.2 mph, which is good for carrying 20 plus pounds. On the other hand Elizabeth is lighter than a 40 pound pack. I hope by the time she is 40 pounds she is walking as fast as me and not on my back.

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