December 2013
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Monday Night Downtown

Due to the large crowd on Sunday night, we decided we would make another run at it on Monday night. Tonight it is Elizabeth, Emily and myself. The crowds were extremely light as the sun was just going down when we arrived. We had time to take a picture, Emily, Elizabeth and myself. Or should I say, someone walked up behind me and said, “It that your daughter?” I replied that she was my granddaughter. They were kind enough to offer to take a picture. I usually take a bunch to get a good one. They took one, and it turned out pretty good.


We then meandered over to where the ice rink is. There are a couple of places to eat in the area. Tonight, we chose pizza. Perhaps I should add that usually we order a pizza. Sometimes Chinese food. I do not know about you, but eating pizza outside when it is 72 degrees and watching people ice skate outside under Christmas lights almost does not seem right. Then again, Chinese food may have not been any different. Both are better while sitting in weather that is in the 70’s than weather in the 40’s or 30’s.

While sitting there, I noticed that the moon was rising in the east. I patiently waited, checking after each slice, to see how the moon was positioned with the palm trees and the partial cloud cover. If you are eating pizza in 72 degree weather outside in December under holiday lights, you need a picture of the moon behind palm trees with a display of Christmas lights.


Then it was off to the mini doughnut vendor for some hot fresh mini doughnuts with chocolate on some and maple on the others. We munched on the small treats and walked around the Mission Inn one more time watching the carriages being drawn by those large furry animals. It has been a fun couple of days.

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