November 2013
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Oak Glen - Hiking and Geocaching

Today Janet and I went to Oak Glen for her birthday. We had the opportunity to take Elizabeth along. I though it would be great fun. We ended up at Los Rios Ranchos for lunch, apple cider and a little bluegrass music. Lunch was good. Elizabeth especially liked grandma’s apple cider over the water that […]

F02 is Gross

Early in my day my daughter complained about the washing machine. It had given us a error code of F02 the evening before and now it was fairly consistent. Washing one load of closes was not working. Knowing that with the right search I could find an answer I searched “Whirlpool Duet F02 error code” […]

Work and Play

Today I had a few thing to do around the house. I fixed a garden lamp and needed a little concrete at the base. No problem, a little concrete, some water and someone to mix it up.

The young worker worked so hard helping today I decided to take her out to dinner. Naturally […]

Sometimes you need to stop and look . . .

I was traveling back from Jacobs last track meet and the sky looked gorgeous. I had to choose an off ramp and get to a place that I could take a picture without all the city clutter as I was in Riverside. Luckily, by UCR there are some fields that work well to allow one […]

Jacob Ran

Today I took off work early to see Jacob run his last Cross Country race in High School. First, I thought I would get an early start so I could be sure to make it there before what I thought his race time was. I had checked the schedule on the schools web site.

I […]

Shave of the Day - Mitchell's, Hoyt's, Timor and Kent

This morning I decided to break out a straight razor for the shave. The shave was great and I will go into more detail below. However, as I was preparing this post I looked at my last shaving post. Everything was the same, except for the brush. There must be something I like about the […]

Websites and Dummies

The whole of politics sometimes annoys me. Being mostly libertarian, I get tired of the back and forth. I think, just give me my freedom. However, sometimes there a kernels of humor within the back and forth that cause me to smile. From Breitbart

Tennessee State Senator Brian Kelsey presented HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius with […]

The First Hustler Runs the Big Con

As I received an email at work yesterday regarding our workplace healthcare plan, I shuddered. No, it was not being canceled. The co pay was going up. Additionally, there is a tax in the future if our plan is better than the Affordable Care Act. I thought of all the people receiving notices that their […]