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National Honor Society - Jacob

A few months ago Jacob was asking me questions on dates he provided leadership in scouting. We also talked about the service that he had done over time. He really did not elaborate on what he was filling out.

Tonight I went to a program for the National Honor Society (NHS) at Beaumont High School. It is a society to recognize and support the outstanding students. Juniors and Seniors at the high school with overall GPA’s of 3.50 or higher are eligible to apply for membership in NHS. This year 149 students met this GPA requirement. 21 returning seniors in the NHS program met the GPA requirement which left 128 eligible students. Of the 128, over half submitted applications and 29 student were chosen.

What makes the difference? The NHS Advisory panel takes into consideration the students’ written applications, their GPA’s and the teaching staff’s evaluation of their leadership, service and character in making its selections. During the presentation their were short talks on Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service.

So with all that said, I have a pretty good idea that Jacob was filling out an application for NHS. He has worked hard in high school and I have seen him over the years provide leadership, service and exhibit good character. Congratulations to Jacob and all the other students on their induction into the National Honor Society.

As for now, I have a picture of Jacob receiving his pin and certificate along with the group picture. I may have better photos in a couple days.



Better photos have arrived. Thanks to Mr. Cantrell for the photos.



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