October 2013
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Gardening – The do’s and don’ts

Today was a day to clean up the garden a little. There were a few areas that the weeds had grown which needed to be cleared as well as pruning back the tomato plants that had grown out of control. If the tomato plants had fruit on them, I would leave them. However, out of control and no fruit and you get the pruning shears.

I had a little helper. As I hoed the weeds and put them in a small pile, my helper picked them up and put them in the trash can. She even got into weeding the garden as well.


Weeding the garden is considered one of the do’s. As for the don’t, stay away from the habanero. They are nice and colorful. They even taste good, if you are prepared for the fire. I was a little surprised when Elizabeth grabbed one today.


It was only a couple of days ago that she grabbed a nice red one and put it in her mouth as her mother told her no. She took a bite and got bit. Mom said she cried for about 20 minutes and was putting her hands in her mouth. Mom washed her hands and face. Even with that, when Elizabeth put a hand in mom’s mouth, she could feel the heat. After some peanut butter and some milk things were better.

So, do weed you garden and do not eat the habanero’s if you are not up to it.

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