October 2013
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Happy Halloween

A great Halloween pumpkin smashing video. Looks like fun.

A Century of Honor

Tonight was the broadcast, “A Century of Honor” celebrating 100 years of Service to God and Country. It is the 100 year anniversary of Scouting in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The production was well done. It lasts about the same amount of time that a 5 mile hike does.


Random Thought

More people are killed each year by a hammer than a semiautomatic sporting rifle (known as an assault rifle to the uniformed). Why the big push to control the semiautomatic sporting rifle? I guess the gun control groups cannot debate a point on level or make a square argument. Fallacy and fiction may be a […]

Gardening – The do’s and don’ts

Today was a day to clean up the garden a little. There were a few areas that the weeds had grown which needed to be cleared as well as pruning back the tomato plants that had grown out of control. If the tomato plants had fruit on them, I would leave them. However, out of […]

Sriracha or Not

Tonight for dinner I heated up the last of my home made black beans. Added some brown rice and yesterdays stir fry of onions, red bell peppers, a red jalapeno pepper and small cubes of zucchini. I placed the mixture in a large 12″ flour tortilla and spread some grated sharp cheddar cheese on top. […]


Somehow the monthly pictures of Elizabeth went away after she turned 12 months. She is walking and likes to look at things she finds. Anything within her reach is subject to examination. This past Saturday she was dressed up and I got a picture of her before she went on an adventure. Today Emily posted […]

National Honor Society - Jacob

A few months ago Jacob was asking me questions on dates he provided leadership in scouting. We also talked about the service that he had done over time. He really did not elaborate on what he was filling out.

Tonight I went to a program for the National Honor Society (NHS) at Beaumont High School. […]

Hiking for Fall - Aspen Groves

Scott wanted to go hiking with me to the Aspen Groves again this year. We went last year the night before snow was to arrive. Today was the day as tomorrow night, snow is supposed to arrive. With snow comes wind and both tend to make fall leaves fall.

As we traveled up the highway […]

Fall is on the way

Today I have been contemplating a hike to Aspen Grove like I did last year. This year there is some concern if gates are going to be open, or if they are, will they get closed when you are on the wrong side of the gate. There is a storm coming in later this week […]

Government Shutdown

There has been a little buzz on the bulletin board for the San Gorgonio Wilderness Association in regards to the Government Shutdown. As the Forest Service is “closed” does that make the forest closed? There are some that are going on rebel hikes without a permit due to the fact that they cannot get a […]