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Independence Day - Alton Utah style

Going to a small town for the Independence Day is a little different. When the town only has a little more than one hundred people, someone is put in charge of the celebration. As for this year, I do not know who that person is, but they did a great job.


First on the itinerary was the Fun Run. It started at 7:00 in the morning and there were a few different distances that you could run. I heard it was one, two three or four miles depending on your choice. For me, I slept through the Fun Run. However, I saw the Finish Line painted on the asphalt as well as an encouraging sentence a hundred yards or so before the finish line.


At nine we gathered around the flag pole. First up was the raising of a flag for the last time. The flag was brought down the flag pole as its destination was going to be a retirement ceremony. Next was the raising of the flag for the festivities.


The flag retirement came next. As the flags burned there was a script read talking about our flag, our freedom and the sacrifices that have been made for our freedom.


At nine thirty the parade was to start. It was a little late starting, possibly due to logistics problem. However, it was a great parade that had several participants. The thing I liked about the parade was the number of children in the parade. They are the ones that need to be taught the importance of the Fourth of July so they will remember why we celebrate the Fourth.

The local scouts presented the colors via an ATV.


A parade would not be a parade without some horses.


Then there is Roxy on her bike followed by Echo her bike with Gerta following as a clown. We are staying with Gerta and her husband Orval while we are in Alton. The two youngsters on bikes are their grandchildren. Their mother, Susan is a cousin. Not being good in genealogy, I am not sure if it is a first, second, third or some other designation. I can say Susan and I had the same last name before she was married.


A parade also needs a train with children in it.


As his grandchildren and wife are in the parade, that leaves Orval holding the bag, the bag to collect the candy that is thrown during the parade.


One of my favorites is the “float” with the singing young ladies that were not singing when they past.


Even better than that is the large truck with the children on it as well as the dogs.




All parades need a pony.


They also need goats with a little color.


A riding tractor is very important as well.


And of course, the last one in the parade is the fire truck. We were lucky enough to not get the business end of the nozzle as it released a little water on the crowd further down the street.


After the parade there was a Fourth of July assembly at Town Hall. There was singing, a skit, a couple of historical presentations and a song from the children for the veterans that were present. The children rang colored bells on cue as music played in the background.


After the presentation there was a lunch fundraiser that raises funds for money for the 11th graders at the local high school so that they can take a trip to Washington D.C.

After lunch were several different games. Everything from running and sack races to a branding competition as well as bunny and chicken races. As for me, I did a little geocaching and waited for dinner. Dinner was great. There is nothing like a hamburger smothered with lettuce, tomato cheese and onions, mushrooms and bell peppers that had been prepared in a Dutch Oven. A little more sunshine and a little less rain would have made it better. However, now I can say that this is the second year in a row that I have been rained on during Independence Day in Utah.


Late in the evening we left town. It was a very enjoyable day. It was great to talk to Orval and Gerta as well as meet more cousin types. As for some parting words, you know you are in a small town when stop is not the operative word at an intersection.


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3 comments to Independence Day – Alton Utah style

  • shonda

    That’s so great that you guys are keeping up with the Alton folks. I’m glad we wwent, but sad we haven’t been back. Tell them hello for us.
    Good thing your brother hasn’t seen this post, though. We would have to give you some “educatin”. We do not celebrate the 4th of July, Gregory. We celebrate Independence Day. If W catches you saying that he will never wish you a merry Christmas again, but Happy 25th of December! Haha! 🙂 By the way, the boys had a fantastic time at Zion’s Camp. I can’t believe your stake didn’t participate. It was a HUGE deal!

  • Independence Day it is. Blog post has been fixed.

  • gerta palmer

    What a great write-up of the events of this Day! 🙂 thanks for posting such a fun time with you!