July 2013
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Mileage will vary

Tonight I took a walk up Mt. Rubidoux from the new Ryan Bonaminio Park at the Tequesquite Arroyo. There were a lot of people making their way up Mt. Rubidoux from the park. I felt as if I was on the freeway or something. It was obvious that the sidewalk was not wide enough for […]

Sunset and slight chance of showeres

Tonight is a little warm and muggy. I know that 80 degrees and 52 percent humidity at nine in the evening is not much compared to other places on the planet. However, a few clouds in the sky make for a nice sunset. The humidity just makes the evening walk a little more dampening.


Beauty and the Beasts

It was a beautiful evening to be out on a walk with Stevie the dog. Tonight we headed to the Fairmont Park. Stevie likes to look at the ducks. Tonight she got eye to eye with a duck. Stevie looked at the duck curiously as she began hissing at her. Later in the evening we […]

San Gorgonio

For Operation On Target one must wake up early. To get to the tip of any peak, it requires a little time. We needed to be on the top of the mountain by ten. Operation On Target, if you did not click on the link, is where scouts flash mirrors from peak to peak and […]

Fish Creek Saddle

Tonight I made the trek to Fish Cree Saddle. It is a 5.5 mile uphill trip with no water at the top. So for the trip I took 8 liters of water so that I would have plenty for tomorrow. One the the places I like is Fish Creek Meadows. it is usually nice and […]

Kolob Canyons

I have passed Kolob Canyons for years and never stopped by to take a look. The canyons are just off Interstate 15 and the road is only about 5 miles long. I have seen Kolob Canyons Road on the map of Zion Zion National Park and wondered what the big attraction was. A coworker told […]

Brothers and Pizza

Today we traveled several miles. One of the highlights was Pizza at Heap’s Brick Oven Pizza. It was good fun to catch up on the happenings of my brothers and their children.

Monroe Mountain Geocaching

Today we started out on a geocaching adventure. The first stop was in the town of Monroe Utah for a geocache called Monroe Creamery. When I was a little boy I remember going to the creamery in Monroe. My grandfather gave me a tour. I remember a large boiler because it had fire in it. […]

Independence Day - Alton Utah style

Going to a small town for the Independence Day is a little different. When the town only has a little more than one hundred people, someone is put in charge of the celebration. As for this year, I do not know who that person is, but they did a great job.

First on […]

Cedar Breaks National Monument

It was off to Utah for a trip to celebrate the 4th of July. Janet had pneumonia and was advised by her doctor to not go to higher elevations. We were headed for Alton Utah, which is a upper middle altitude around 7,000 feet above sea level.

However, after driving a long way it […]

What to do when it is hot.

Elizabeth in the sprinklersBecause it has been so hot this past week I tur4ned on the sprinklers tonight. A few minutes later Elizabeth was out front and she discovered what sprinklers mean to a kid. She had a great time.

She went out on the lawn and was soaked by the time […]

11 Months Old

It is amazing how fast time flies. Today Elizabeth is 11 months old.