June 2013
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Wildlife on the trail

My neighbor always tells me something large in the forest will eat me some day as I go hiking backpacking often. I like getting out seeing and listening to nature. Bird, insects, small animals as well as the trees and flowers is usually what I see. I have seen the signs if larger animals. When the berry patch is torn up, there has been a bear in there. There is always other signs of wildlife as well, scat on the trail lets you know what has been in the area. In the Rockies, we learned that the bears relieve themselves on rocks to mark their territory.

Taking Stevie the dog on hikes also adds a new element. She is always sniffing out some type of wildlife. Little fuzzy bunnies always get her excited. And of course the unsuspecting reptilian lizard sunning itself on the trail is always up for being chased. When we got close to the top we looked east towards Mt. San Gorgonio and could see the haze from the fire burning on the far send to the wilderness area.


We continued our hike and had just passed five miles when we heard music coming over the ridge. It was fairly loud and I was a little perplexed on who or what would want to be hiking on the trail and carrying that type of boom box on their shoulder. As we got in a position to see what was on the other side, there were definitely signs of wildlife on the trail.


As with most wildlife, we keep our distance. However, there were no signs of large teeth or claws on what we were seeing. We hiked over to get a closer look and document what we had seen.


There is nothing like a band shooting a music video on the trail to wake up the wildlife. I let them know that I documented the wildlife that I found on the trail on my hiking trips and they conceded that they could probably be defined as wildlife. They are called Angstrom. The music for the video sounded good. I believe it was No Despair.

Nonetheless, Stevie and I made our way down the trail for a hike of 6.8 miles. It was a great day.

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