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Blogiversary - Four Years

In some ways it is incredible that I have been blogging for four years. My first post was Shave of the Day – Blenheim Bouquet and Floyd on May 31, 2009 when I started a Shaving blog. My intentions were to write about my experiences shaving. Around the same time my father was diagnosed with cancer. I began writing about that experience. I would visit him in the hospital or at his home every day and then write about my feeling and thoughts.

As time has passed, my blog is more about what is happening in my life. I do get people coming to my blog for my shaving reviews and some of my air gun reviews. There are those that find my because of a hike that I went on or the trip to Philmont Scout Ranch. There have been several people that have found my blog for Old Fashioned Sourdough Pancakes. It is nice to get traffic the world. However, if I was consistent with blogging about shaving, cooking, shooting – real firearms or air rifles or something else exciting, I may have a larger following.
So for historical purposes, what are the top reasons people find my blog? Most often is seems they are searches for images. The top search terms are listed below:

1. Opossum. I have posted a few times about the opossums that have been caught in my trash cans. The world must like the picture of an opossum in a trash can.

Canned Opossum

Canned Opossum

2. Mt. Rubidoux. I walk up Mt. Rubidoux a few times a month or more and have taken pictures as well. I have written about Geocaching as well as walking up the mountain with my children.


3. Musgo Real. It is my favorite aftershave. I love the citrus aroma of oranges. The shaving cream is also real nice as well.

Musgo Real - shaving cream and after shave

4. Floyd Aftershave. It is a great aftershave and one of my favorites. It is also the aftershave used in my first blog post.

Blenheim Bouquet and Floyd

5. Shave of the day. Shaving again.

6. Airsoft Warrior. One post with a title of Airsoft Warrior and it becomes a winning search term.

7. Trey Radcliff. I did one post with a Trey Radcliff photo called “Today is a New Day” and it sends traffic my way. Trey is a photographer and has his own website. You would think people would go to his site rather than mine. As for the photo by Trey, I think it is great. It is titled Morning. Coffee. Yellowstone. Fog.

8. USS Stockdale. Eric, one of my sons was a member of the Sea Cadets for a couple of years. He had the opportunity to go out on the USS Stockdale for day. One post with a photo and the search term is in the top ten.

9. Shaving Soap. Another shaving topic

10. Lego statue of liberty. Another one post winner. You put together a small statue of liberty out of Lego blocks and post it on the web and you get traffic.

11. Old Spice Original. No surprise that the search is of a shaving topic again. I always liked this photo. The Old Spice is great as well.

Amber and Old Spice

12. Shave. The final of the top twelve and it is shaving again. I really have to know who searches for “shave” as a search term. It could mean so many things.

That wraps up the 4 year Blogiversary edition with the top 12 search terms. Half of the searches are for shaving topics. Perhaps I should post more shaving. I have some new shaving creams and shaving is just something that is done on a regular basis. Albeit, with a safety razor for my daily shave. You know, the old double edge razor like the Gillette Super Speed. Blades are cheap and I do not have to pay some astronomical amount for the newfangled four, five or who knows how many blades in a cartridge. Or course, the straight razor will last for years and i will not need to buy and blades. However, I have not conquered the art of speed shaving with the straight razor yet, nor do I really want to try. One slip and blood letting is eminent.

I look forward to another year of blogging. Who knows what will be on top next year. For the record, all the hits for shaving topics still do not beat the hits for opossum. I will need to think of something to get that ugly animal out of the top spot.

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