May 2013
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Blogiversary - Four Years

In some ways it is incredible that I have been blogging for four years. My first post was Shave of the Day – Blenheim Bouquet and Floyd on May 31, 2009 when I started a Shaving blog. My intentions were to write about my experiences shaving. Around the same time my father was diagnosed with […]

Memorial Day Hike

For the past 15 or more years our congregation from church hikes up Mt. Rubidoux on Memorial Day. The children and I have made the hike many times. I remember many years ago when Jacob was in a backpack on my back for the hike. He is now 17. I remember the hike last year […]

Memorial Day

I have thought about Memorial Day off and on for the past week. Words like gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation came to mind. There is a certain gravity surrounding Memorial Day. For some, it is obvious that they understand the importance and significance of Memorial Day. For others, perhaps the gravity of this day has not […]

Carrots and Beets

Yesterday evening I took a sample carrot from the garden. It was bigger than I expected. A couple of days ago a pulled a beet up and it looked like they were ready as well. The tomatoes are starting to turn red, so we will have tomatoes soon. You can see that the plants are […]

Hike of the Day - Two Trees and beyond

Today was a day to go hiking. I decided to stay close to home and go up the Two Trees Trail. I did the longer loop around on the Spring Trail, up the road to the Ridge Trail and over on the road the the Edison Trail and finally back down the Two Trees Trail. […]

Scared of water or just a bath?

I walk Stevie almost every night. One thing I have noticed is that she has a fear of water. She will avoid the side of the sidewalk where someones lawn sprinklers are on. She will walk around a puddle on the sidewalk. She will do her best to avoid any lawn sprinkler anywhere. Last night […]

The nose knows

It has been several years ago when I had a dog as part of the family. My children had a couple dogs, Tony and Stacie when they were ten, nine, seven and three. Due to extenuating circumstances the children and I lost them. Now that the children are 23, 22, 20 and 17 I get […]

Why do I walk?

I like to get out and walk, hike up a mountain or backpack into a wilderness. Sometimes I wonder why. Sometimes it is looking up at the challenge that drives me to go to the top. It could be the walk from home to the top of Mt. Rubidoux.

Being on top or Mt. […]

Kale and California

Tonight I decided that I needed to eat out of the garden. Recently I have put together a stir-fry with kale, so I picked a little kale. I ended up with a paper shopping bag full of kale. For this stir-fry I would need to add a couple of red bell peppers and a couple […]

Hiking with a dog

Last Saturday Stevie and I hiked up the Two Trees trail. It was rather warm. We got to the top of the trail and I was hailed to my stepmothers house by Scott because of a water leak. He was mowing her lawn and edging around the steps and water started appearing. Back down the […]

9 Months Old

Elizabeth turns 9 months old today. She is standing a lot and holding on with one hand. She will switch between hands to do things like wave hello of goodby. Her crawling abilities are quick and stealth at times. She loves the outdoors and it is one of her favorite places.