February 2013
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Vegetarian or Not . . . That is the Question?

Tonight I was faced with having to use the two Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough. I took it out of the refrigerator and went shopping for some thing that we needed. Upon my return, I set the over for 425 degrees and went into the garden for some cauliflower and broccoli. It was time to harvest so I had to find a use for vegetables as well. I grabbed a good sweet onion and halved that, taking one half and cutting it into smaller pieces. Grabbed some mushrooms from the refrigerator and cut those up as well. Knowing that I could not feed my family a broccoli, cauliflower, mushroom and onion pizza, i retrieved some pepperoni as well.

The dough had risen sufficiently so I worked it out to the size that was needed. I placed each pie crust in a 12″ cast iron frying pan that had been lightly coated with oil and sprinkled with corn meal. I drizzles a little extra virgin olive oil on the top of each crust and smoothed it out with a brush. Then they were off to the oven to cook for 10 minutes.

They came out of the oven and the Trader Joe’s pizza sauce was applied to the tops and then a liberal sprinkling of whole milk grated mozzarella to each pie. One pie received the broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms and onion. The extra onion and mushroom went on the other with some gourmet peperoni. A little mozzarella and grated Parmesan was sprinkled on top.

Back in the oven the pies went. How long I do not know. Soon enough it was time to take them out for the final time. They looked great. It was a tough choice to play vegetarian. So i compromised and had a couple of slices of each pie.


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