January 2013
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Shave of the Day - Mitchell's, Hoyt's, Timor and Simpson

It has been a few months from my last shave using s straight razor. Today I had the opportunity to take a little extra time and enjoy a shave. I reached in the cabinet and picked up a few shaving soap varieties, finally settling on Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap, using the original 1893 formula. […]

Garden Grows

As the winter garden grows, so does the gardening space. Last weekend I made another raised garden bed. I also planted a couple of tomato plants and a jalapeno pepper. This week it was time to get the onions kale in the ground that I purchased last weekend.

As for the winter garden, the […]

Frozen Peas

The last couple of nights it has been extra cold here in the inland valleys of Southern California. When I walked in the back yard this morning, the water from the sprinklers had frozen to ice on the cement. The pepper plants have mostly lost all their foliage. I should have picked the peppers a […]

Death Valley - Geocaching and Fun

Jacob and I started on a three day trip where we were going to meet up with his Venturing Crew on their way to Death Valley. We wanted to grab a few geocaches along the way as well. Inside the park, geocache containers are not allowed. However, there are “Virtual” geocaches as well as Earthcaches. […]

Five Months Old

Elizabeth is now five months old.